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Are you enjoying your maternity time? Yes! There are no designer dresses that you can wear during your maternity period. You don’t have to worry, there are many styles and options available on a shopping site that sells maternity dresses that enhance your natural beauty.

The website is very popular and has been registered in the United States. However, potential buyers want to verify that it Is Fasliya Legit before purchasing. To determine the validity and reliability of the domain, we will review its key elements. can be trusted as an online shop.

  • This web domain is less than six months old, having been created on the 4th June 2022.
  • We received a horrible trust score of 2%
  • There is no customer support line available 24/7 on the shopping domain.
  • In its interaction detail, the shopping domain’s current physical location was not listed.
  • According to our research, 100% of the content found on the shopping site has been copied.
  • Fasliya states that customers didn’t receive any logo or name from the social media site via its official account . The domain owner is located anywhere on the website.
  • Buyers didn’t find any suspicious bids for its products.
  • Each policy can be accessed through the website.
  • Alexa says that the domain didn’t get any rank.

Describe is a digital shop that sells a wide range of unique and designer maternity dresses, such as lounge sets, shorts, and maternity gowns. All products are unique and designer, but customers would like to know if it Is Fasliya Legit.

Specifications for –

  • Shopping website address–
  • The date of formation of the web domain was June 4, 2022
  • The expiration date is– June 4, 2023
  • The email
  • Logical, Physical Address Unable to Locate
  • The communication number is not found.
  • Shipping policy- Your order will be delivered to you within 10 to 20 business days. It can vary depending on your location.
  • No shipping charges – Orders over USD$79 or USD$89 are eligible for free shipping.
  • Social media entertainment page – We could not find any advertisement pages for the company’s products on social media. This raises questions about Fasliya Legit and con domain.
  • Transportation costs It varies depending on where you are located, such as $20, $40 and $60.
  • Standard shipping will deliver the order within 10 to 15 business days.
  • Standard shipping costs- each order will cost $0-$18.99
  • The return period for product is 7 days. This information can be found in the return policy.
  • Refund Policy – Buyers will receive their refund within a few business days.
  • Cancellation policy-Not mentioned.
  • Replacement policy-available.
  • Non-refundable Goods- Swimwear, lingerie and jewelry, underwear, party supplies, pet supplies and DIY supplies, accessories, and beauty.
  • Repayment methods- Maestro, PayPal, Visa, Master Card etc.

To view the benefits of Fasliya Legit

  • All policies that support online shoppers, including shipping, refunds and return policies, are trusted by consumers.
  • We found safe and legitimate payment methods in ecommerce that were easy to use by customers.
  • This website uses HTTPS to protect it and offers a large selection of easy-to-wear maternity dresses.

Negative aspects

  • It hides the owner’s name by using a fake shopping domain.
  • Online shoppers are more likely to trust it because they don’t have a physical address or contact number.

Fasliya Reviews –

This online shop, which is part of the apparel industry, is a new addition to the digital marketplace. It does not have an advertising strategy for social media or other public relations platforms. We did not receive any comments from clients due to the lack of an advertisement page on Social Media.

We also found one negative review of a trading website. The buyer complained about the product and shipping policies. He was completely dissatisfied. To protect their money, we advised customers to investigate How do I get my money back on PayPal.

The Final Conclusion –

To determine Is Fasliya Legit. We found that the future of this website is uncertain and it has a low trust score. We recommend that you research How To Get Money Back on Credit Card prior to making any purchase. Take it- Maternity Dress and choose the one that will best suit your needs during your maternity period.


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