Among the unique locations on the planet is the Old City of Jerusalem. You cannot ignore its one-kilometer square in the middle of Jerusalem; it is the core of the Christian Jewish, and Islamic religions. The Western Wall is located in the Old City. It is the final wall that still exists from the Jewish Temple. For Jews now, it is the holiest place on earth.

The Dome of the Rock, which is prominent for Muslims as the location where people believed the prophet Muhammad to have ascended to Paradise, is above Western Wall. The Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre is a short distance away. Most people think that Jesus was executed and buried here.

The Old City Jerusalem History

According to biblical myth, the Temple Mount in the center of the Old City of Jerusalem is the precise location where Abraham almost offered Isaac as a tribute in the bible account, suggesting that the Old City may be as old as the universe itself. Ever since, it has served as the backdrop for numerous biblical scenes: the Dome of the Rock was one of Islam’sIslam’s holiest places in which it is believed that Muhammad attained Paradise.

Golgotha, the location of the alleged crucifixion of Jesus Christ, presently revered within the Cathedral of the Holy Sepulcre; the ancient Jewish shrines of Approximately 2000 years ago, from which only the Western Wall, the last vestige of the second temple, remained; and numerous other unique locations.

Although the Old City’sCity’s architecture and layout are somewhat more sophisticated by contemporary standards, it is nonetheless ancient. About 500 years ago, under Jerusalem’sJerusalem’s Ottoman rule, the walls were constructed and are still in place today.

The Best in The Old City

The Armenian Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, and the Muslim Quarter are the divisions of Jerusalem’sJerusalem’s Old City. There are seven entry points into the walled city, but the Jaffa Gate, near the Tower of David Museum, is famous for travelers. This museum contains details about the history of Jerusalem inside the Old City Walls. Every sector has a distinct ambiance, thoughts, sights, scents, and sensations.

The Jewish Quarter

For example, in the Jewish Quarter, the residences of ultra-Orthodox Jewish families and Yeshivas border the tiny passageways. You can see people living in the Jewish district going about their everyday lives simply walking around. Teenagers who frequently come from other countries study in yeshivas; there are young kids outside of institutions during classes, men running among houses of worship.

And, of obviously, many people worship at the Western Wall. For a valid reason, the homes in the Old City Jerusalem and the Jewish neighborhood are passionately coveted pieces of property investment. When they do occasionally trade hands, they fetch excellent prices.

Muslim Quarter

The Muslim Quarter roads are livelier and more congested, with merchants offering a more comprehensive range of goods, particularly in the renowned Shuk. The Shuk is a true 21st-century historic retail center where you can exercise bargaining and purchase nearly everything you can imagine.

The Armenian and Christian Quarter

The Armenian Quarter is the tiniest section of the Old City of Jerusalem. Around 2,500 Armenians live in this area, a long-established population that has been here for more than 2,000 years.

As you enter the Old City Jerusalem’sJerusalem’s Christian Quarter, there is yet another difference. In the alleys of this city, which has over 40 Christian holy places, you will meet priests and tourists from all over the planet. Its region grew up around the Blessed Sepulchre Cathedral. It is said that Jesus was crucified and interred here. Even the Church is unable to determine who owns this desirable real estate.

The Old City of Jerusalem is a Must Visit

Whatever your religion is, wherever in the world you are, we know that you also want to visit this place. Who doesn’t? There are so many things this place can offer everyone. But, while you are still in your homes, try a fun Jerusalem activity with your family.


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