Is Ciciyos Legit? This seller has a wonderful selection of dresses for women. The question now is: Is the site safe? Learn more from the blog.

Are you running out of party wear dresses? If you are a guest at a party and fear of missing out on the party because you don’t have enough party wear, you should read this article. It will provide you with information about the website that sells women’s party dresses.

Ciciyos offers a wide range of party dresses for women that are Worldwide customers. However, Is Ciciyos Legit? This article will provide the facts.

The legitimacy of the Ciciyos website:

It is crucial to analyze the legitimacy of any site. Sites that meet all criteria for legitimacy are considered legitimate. Portals that don’t match these criteria can be considered suspicious or spammy. To determine if they’re in the safe zone, it is important to check these metrics before anyone attempts to use a new portal.

  • Reviews: Ciciyos Reviews.
  • Address Check: It is not possible to pinpoint the exact location of its headquarters.
  • Trust Score: It’s terrible, only 2 percent.
  • Skipped Page: Presence of 107 skipped Pages.
  • Plagiarism: 64% duplicate content, 33% common content
  • Establishment Date: Enlistment date is 22 June 2022.
  • Information missing: Number, cancellation procedure and address.
  • There are many payment options.
  • Alexa Rank: 916605
  • Social Network: We don’t know the details of its profile on social media.
  • Broken Hyperlinks: 2 hyperlinks.
  • Owner Information: The name of the owner has not been disclosed.
  • Domain:

The site is therefore 2 months old and has a low trust index. Below are further details.

What’s the Ciciyos website?

Is Ciciyos Legit? Shop offers tempting party wear for women in a ‘Hot Sale’. Buyers get a 5% discount when they place their first order. The interface is elegantly designed, allowing you to view some of the collections via a clickable index. The site sells tops, jumpsuits, and accessories for women, in addition to party wear.

You can see the collections by browsing the top menu header. The menu header also contains Dress. This can be subdivided into various categories such as Mini Dresses and Irregular Dresses or Evening Dresses. The garment page also includes color and size variations, as well as a brief description, size guidelines, and photos.

Ciciyos Reviews and Specifications:

  • Remarks: Multiple remarks may be present on the portal.
  • Headquarter Address: As of right now, the address of its corporate headquarters has not been disclosed.
  • Email to corporate email:
  • Corporate Phone Number: This number is not available. However, you can use the live chat to contact us.
  • Cancellation Policy: This policy is not listed on the portal.
  • Shipping Policy: The shop must provide service to Worldwide customers. Their shipment takes between 10 and 25 days.
  • You can exchange your policy by sending it in.
  • Are Ciciyos Legit? The details are still not known.
  • Transportation Fees The regular shipping fees are not known.
  • Refund Process: Your refund will be processed within 10 to 14 business days.
  • The return method is only 2 weeks.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, etc.


  • Women can find amazing accessories and dresses in our collection.
  • Get a discount on your first purchase


  • Low Alexa score
  • Different platforms lack reviews.
  • Inadequacy of social media connections
  • It is missing the address and phone number.

Customer reviews on ‘Is Ciciyos Legit?’:

The portal received many positive comments and ratings within a short period of time. These reviews are positive and all of them mention that the dresses are beautiful and well-made. It can also be a great gift option.

The site does not have a link to social networks and there is no information available on search engines. Relying on reviews that are paid or fake can make it risky. To get refunds on PayPal , please read the process.

Final Verdict:

Although the shop has many reviews, its trust index is poor. There is no link with social media, no address details and no reviews on any other platforms that raise doubts. So, Is Ciciyos Legit? Ciciyos is still a new portal, so buyers will need to wait for it to grow its market share. Also, make sure to check the steps for refunds on credit cards. This article is valuable. It is important that you mention this in the review section.


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