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Are you aware of the viral news of Richard Goodall? Have you heard the name of Richard Goodall? Today’s news discussion is about a social media sensation that is discussed among social media persons because of his singing video.

The news will be discussed in the United States, and followers of the Goodall are curious to know Indiana School Sings Journey. We are here to study the viral news, so that we will study all the essential points of this viral news.

What is the Sings Journey related to Indiana School?

A janitor Richard Goodall, age 53, who is offering his services at an Indiana Elementary School, has become a sensation on social media. He has gone viral on social media because of his performance on the hit journey song, don’t stop believing. Richard has got the attention of the band’s main singer and co-lyricist of the song, Perry. 

Richard Goodall created a sensation asIndiana School Sings Journey and grabbed the attention of millions of people, and they admired him. This 53-year-old Janitor belongs from Terre Haute, Indiana. He became an internet sensation when his video was posted on TikTok and Twitter due to his exclusive performance.

His singing video has been posted by one of his colleagues Mariah Denehie on Tik Tok based on the song Don’t stop believing. The video was posted on May 27 when he performed at the request of his students and staff. Now followers of the sensational personality are curious to know about this popular Janitor of Indiana.

When did he perform Indiana School Sings Journey?

As per our resources, he sings a song during a small gathering conducted in the elementary school by school staff and students to celebrate the 5th-grade promotion. When the celebration was almost completed, the school staff welcomed Richard on the stage and requested them to sing a song for the students to inspire them.

This was the moment when he sings on the song don’t stop believing in and explored his melodious voice and talent among students and staff. It was only the moment that was recorded by one of the students and went viral as Indiana School Sings JourneyTill the video has posted, it creates huge traffic on the internet constantly peoples are searching it on the internet and discussing the Janitor.

This video had become an internet sensation and got around 1,07,000 views just the next day when Mariah posted it on social media popular handler Tik-Tok. As per our report, this number is increasing day by day. According to recent data, this video has now crossed one million views by the weekend and is estimated to increase to around 3 million in the coming weeks.

The Final Statement-

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