Spencer has posted details about Crime Junkie Podcast and discussed the upcoming missing story.

Crime Junkie is a podcast that streams weekly crime stories. Are you a regular listener? Two friends Ashley and Brit started Crime Junkie in 2017 to share their love of crime stories. Each Monday, it releases a thriller story and has shared 630 stories to date on Junkie.

With 500 million downloads, it has remained at top of the podcast charts in the United StatesHobley, Spencer talks about the next episode on Crime Junkie. It is due to be released Monday.

Patricia Spencer, Pamela Hobley:

Crime Junkie’s next episode is about Spencer and Hobley, teen girls. They were both from Oscoda in Michigan and reported missing on 31 October 1969. Patricia (16 years old) and Spencer (15 years old) went outside their home to attend a Halloween party and see the Oscoda Owls football match.

They took a ride to their destination, but they never arrived and were reported missing that day. Although there are many rumors about this incident, the police have not found any evidence.

Episodes Before Hobley, Spencer :

Ashley, the founder of this site, says that some people are obsessed with crime-related stories. These people don’t listen to music or sing, but they always think about crime-related stories. Ashley calls this group Crime Junkies.

Crime Junkie’s last episode features Khalil Wheeler Weaver. This podcast telecasted the episode on 18 July. This episode tells the story of a serial killer. Police arrested the suspect after the family lost one of its members. This led to a new twist to the murder story.

Hobley, Spencer seems to be another interesting podcast story that will satisfy the curiosity of many listeners.

A few facts about the Crime Junkie Podcast:

  • Brit and Ashley started the podcast in 2017.
  • To date, people have shared 630 stories.
  • Every Monday, a new episode of this podcast is released.
  • This book is for those who are interested in crime stories.
  • It has been downloaded more than 500,000,000 times.
  • The majority of episodes last 35 minutes.
  • Ashley’s unique storytelling style makes it feel like they are sharing a crime story with a friend.

How do you listen to Hobley and Spencer Crime Junkie Reviews:

  • The Crime Junkie Fan Club app can be downloaded from the Play Store on the audience’s Android device
  • You can also listen on the Apple podcast.
  • You can also find it on Spotify, Amazon, or Google podcasts.

It has a rating on Apple podcast of 4.8, based on 230.5 K ratings, and a rating of 4.08 on its Facebook page, based upon 2 861 crime-story listeners. The majority of pod paradise com listeners have given five stars.

Final verdict:

For those who love crime stories, a new podcast can be listened to Monday on the missing teen girl .

Are you a Crime Junkie? Comment below to share your thoughts on Spencer and Patricia’s disappearance.


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