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Good morning, readers. Today, we’ll be discussing a Telugu language action film. Dear Readers, did you know that the August 5th release of the film was based on King Bimbisara (emperor of the 5th Century BCE)?

Bimbisara Wiki demonstrates that the film is all about time travel. The film shows the Trigartala Empire’s king traveling to the 21st Century. The film will be released in theatres in India as well as the United States via platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

A brief description of the Film

Mallidi Vasishtha directed the film and Harikrishna K produced it. It has a budget of 40 crores. Nandamuri Kalyan RAM is the actor playing Bimbisara. Female cast members include Samyukta Menon, Catherine Teresa, and Catherine Teresa.

Bimbisara wiki Reviews –

Yesterday was the release date of the film. The film features Bimbisara, who travels through the modern world against all his wishes and kills anyone who stands in his way. Positive reviews from the audience are mixed. Some reviewers praise Kalyan’s performance.

The film received an IMDb rating of 8.1 stars out of 10, which is a good rating for any film. The film received positive reviews from the public. Critics raise questions about the film’s setting Bimbisara Wiki.

Some scenes were compared to old schools, they said. If the film had been properly planned, it could have made more money in India.

The film’s first-day box office collection is estimated to be more than 8cr in India and 60 lakhs abroad. Bimbisara’s first-day total gross collection is 11cr. This is a great result and we can also say that it is not a flop film. It can still be profitable if the Day 2 collections are the same as or higher than the day before.

Bimbisara Wiki The film begins with the king Bimbisara arriving in Hyderabad at present and ending with his return with Trigartala’s medicine to save the girl. After saving the girl, he ends up dying.

FAQs –

Q.1 What was Bimbisara?

A.1 Bimbisara, the emperor Magadha of the Haryanka Dynasty, was named.

Q.2 Was the film based upon the true-life story about King Bimbisara.

A.2 The film is an action movie. It is not a true-life story.

Conclusion –

Bimbisara, a film about the Indian woman Bimbisara, was released globally on August 5, 2022. The film’s box office collection is very positive. You can find more information about Bimbisara Wiki at the following link .


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