This article explains What is the Clear Cup Scam, and how to avoid this scam.

Are you a Parisian? The Clear Cup fraud has been the topic of conversation for travelers all across the United States and the globe. Clear cup scam victims are often swindled, and this is what the public is interested in.

This article will tell you What is The Clear Cup Scam .

What is it? Clear Cup Scam

People who go about placing their money in clear cups and placing them in the middle of clear cups are known to attract large crowds.

Most of the time, tourists couldn’t see the glass and accidentally kicked it. Tourists are left feeling sorry for themselves and pay the scammers cash.

Is Clear Cup Legit?

Clear cup scam is real and many travelers posted videos online warning others not to fall for it.

They claim that they are the ones who deceive tourists and then rob them. They don’t just ask for money, but they also bend down to get the money they have taken. During this scam, pickpockets or others may steal money from tourists without telling them.

What do people think about this scam?

Individuals want to be alert and not fall for the scam when they hear about it. This method is not considered clever by many.

Anyone who has been in the same situation knows that it is okay to be rude at times. Even if someone makes a mistake, they can still move on. The whole thing is designed to defraud foreigners unfamiliar with the city and not know how to scam them.

Final Verdict:

It is true that Clear cups are a scam real, and many foreigners have been caught up in it without any knowledge.


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