This research on Maegan Hall Officer Video Reddit will inform readers about the officers who were fired.

Who is Maegan Hill? Which scandal was she involved in? Each time news about someone starts circulating, it blames them. Similar to Hall, a female police officer, scandalous news began to circulate in the United States, and Canada. This post will provide the full details about the scandal.

Maegan Hall is Fired from Her Job!

Maegan Hall, a La Vergne Department of Police lady officer, is the one you see here. According to online sources, Maegan was involved in a relationship and had been with other police officers. Some male officers were also removed from their positions due to this. Andrew Patton, director of human resources management was given the task of looking into the matter. This was after Jason Cole, Mayor of the City, started the investigation on December 12.

Footages Viral on Twitter!

According to online sources, Maegan hall and her video of her involvement with six police officers went viral. An anonymous user leaked the video to several platforms, including Twitter and other social media. Sergeant Ty McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields were also fired by the La Vergne Department. Sergeant Lewis Powell and Sergeant Juan Lugo also lost their jobs. According to reports, the investigation team discovered that Hall and the officers were physically involved during work hours at the station. They also exchanged video and graphics. This was not all. The TikTok video also showed that Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco and Gavin Schoeberl were also fired.

Was Maegan married to Hall?

Online sources indicate that Maegan Hall was married to Jedidiah Hall. Maegan Hall is 26-year-old and married to Jedidiah, 28. According to online sources Jedidiah Hall supports his wife during this difficult time. He is there to support her in this difficult time.

What did Mayor Say?

This incident was unacceptable, according to the Mayor. According to online sources, he was not the first to initiate an investigation into this matter. He tried to assure the officers that they would be more disciplined. His interview was covered by platforms like Youtube. You can also view the entire interview online.


We have provided details about Maegan Hall’s here. For more information, you can refer to this video. We do not share the link because it is inappropriate.

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