is a site that appeared unexpectedly and immediately rose in notoriety fundamentally because of arrangements nearly appear to be unrealistic.

The site’s key item is ‘The Puffer Case’ which was additionally utilized by the well known entertainer Dua Lipa.

The promoting material for the case highlights pictures of Dua Lipa holding it which endeavor to add validity to the generally obscure proposition.

Why is it so obscure? All things considered, most importantly, it accompanies a 100 percent markdown for all first-time purchasers. a trick or genuine?
The free Puffer Case bargain has prompted many have doubts of’s authenticity. A few clients have previously begun calling the site a trick via web-based entertainment stages like Twitter.

Itwasu trick or genuine
What compels the whole thing much fishier is that the site requests that clients pay for the transportation ahead of time.

definitely its like 7.99 for me yet I wouldn’t fret paying that for a $40 telephone case

As indicated by Jordan Liles on YouTube, the site is probably a trick that is involving TikTok as its essential mode for showcasing.

Jordan additionally shared the irregularities in the naming plan of the item. While the header text on the Itwasu site calls it the ‘Puffer Case’, the real pictures of the item call it ‘The Puff Case’.

Itwasu-trick is additionally inaccessible via virtual entertainment stages like Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Having no web-based entertainment presence is extremely exceptional for brands particularly assuming that they depend on these stages for their promoting.

Exacerbating the situation, Itwasu’s case looks the very same as ‘The Puffer Case’ by a brand named Metropolitan Complexity.

Returning to our unique inquiry. Is a trick or a genuine site? As I would see it, the believability score for the site is extraordinarily low right now and it is reasonable a trick.

The whole site is loaded up for certain significant warnings. Above all else, the item is free yet expects you to pay for transportation ahead of time.

The conflicting naming plan and likenesses with Metropolitan Refinement’s Puffer Case further add to the considerable rundown of issues.

We suggest intrigued clients avoid the site to try not to be defrauded or getting their monetary subtleties taken.

We’ll watch out for this and update this story to reflect critical data.


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