In the event that the possibility of conveying a rifle up a mountain or through thick brush is overloading you, unwind. Presenting the Henry Large Kid Carbine, a cutting edge continue of the “Catcher” works of art of the past. It joins every one of the highlights of our unbelievable Large Kid rifle with the speedy treatment of a more limited, lighter carbine barrel length — losing very nearly a pound in barrel weight. It’s the ideal brush weapon for restricted spaces, yet don’t allow its reduced size to trick you. The more limited barrel quits any pretense of nothing in precision to the standard Large Kid. What’s more, similar to our exemplary Enormous Kid the scrupulousness in the plan highlights extraordinary Western styling including a huge circle switch that makes holding this rifle however exciting as it seems to be to shoot.

The 16.5″ octagonal barrel is equipped with an exemplary completely customizable semi-buckhorn back sight with a reversible white jewel embed and a metal beaded front-sight. The cylindrical magazine finishes off at 7 rounds. Both the straight-hold stock and lower arm are made of select American pecan emphasized with a metal barrel band and Henry’s conspicuous metal recipient. All have the fresh, smooth activity that separates a true American-made Henry from other switch activity rifles on the reach and in the forest today. The .44 Magnum can likewise shoot .44 exceptional rounds, and the .357 Magnum can likewise shoot .38 unique rounds. Whether you’re searching for the ideal firearm to saddle up with or chase with, the Henry Huge Kid Carbine is the hotshot in a little bundle you’ve been hanging tight for.


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