Find exclusive information that is not available anywhere else about the famous Hawaii photographer Larry Haynes, who died in the second week of February 2023.

The famous film maker Larry Haynes passed away in the second week of February 2023 at the United States. Larry was a well-known artist who captured surfing, underwater and water waves in films such as – Chasing Mavericks Fluid Combustion parts 2, 3 and 5, T.V. series who Is J.O.B., etc.

Are you interested in knowing what caused Larry’s demise and also his professional and personal life? If so, then learn more about Hawaii photographer Larry Haynes.

The Causes of Death

It was a normal kind of day to Larry on the 9th February 2023. He along with a group of friends swam on Laniakea Beach in Hawaii. Larry was riding his paddleboard with the GoPro camera. In fact, Larry enjoyed filming his fun on the beach.

After they finished the surfing Larry drove to the park area. According to sources, when taking his car off, Larry suffered a heart attack and fell to the ground. A heart attack has been identified to be the reason behind Larry’s death. Larry’s GoPro camera contained approximately 40 videos. One of them featured Larry Haynes Surf Photographer Hawaii filming himself surf in Laniakea Beach (links are in the following section).


  • Name:Larry Haynes
  • Professionalism:water and surfing cinematographer
  • Day of Birth:Monday, 3rd July 1961
  • Dead dateThursday 9th Feb 2023
  • Age:61 years, seven months, and seven
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Hairstyle: Buzz cut
  • Shape of the face: Round
  • Color of the eye:Blue
  • Size:approximately 5′.4.”
  • weight:approximately 80 Kg

Nationality, ethnicity or religion

Larry is a native of and was raised in America. Larry was a citizen of the U.S.A. He also was an orthodox Christian.


The specifics are still being finalized. Hawaii Photography photographer Larry Haynes obituary, his final visitation as well as the date and location of burial, as well as a funeral ceremony for his life remain to be announced.


The information regarding Larry’s parents spouse, children, and other relatives is not available.

Education and early life:

Larry did not talk about his childhood and schooling. It is however known that he became a cinematographer in the water at 35 years old and was on the job for over 26 years, until his demise. Friends, colleagues and film industry personnel and a number of water sportsmen were shocked to learn about Hawaii photographer Larry Haynes death.

Social media hyperlinks:


The people he hung out with said on Instagram that the man was bold and began to pursue a career as a surfing cinematographer and attempting to make artistic work. He even showed movements when he was at the edge of life while doing filming underwater. Larry loved surfing and was always full of energy regardless of how large the waves were. Remember Larry by keeping him in the prayers of your family and friends.

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