This article discusses the S and the special moments during the award ceremony.

Grammy celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip-hop. The Grammy Authority celebrates this Golden Jubilee year with a new style. The re-Juliet moment at this world-famous award ceremony is being viewed by most .

Many people are using social media platforms. Many also check Grammys Twitter 2023 for this special award show.

What’s on Twitter?

This social media account allows you to find all kinds of information and updates regarding Grammy Award Functions. You can also check Twitter for the exact time and location of the Grammy Awards.

You can view some clips from the award functions as viewers on this social media account. Grammy’s award function was already broadcast from Los Angeles on Sunday, February 5, 2023 (Sunday). The page was created in November 2022, and it has over 55K users.

BTS Nominated For Grammy 2023

This is the best and most exciting news for fans of BTS. According to the news, Korean pop brand was nominated for the three award categories. Fans of BTS were happy after the news was shared. However, the latest news could cut into their happy moments.

K-Pop’s famous group has already stated that they won’t be attending the award ceremony. There are seven members to this group. Many fans believed that at least one member would attend the ceremony. They are still in South Korea, however.

Who Won Grammys?

The 2023 winner’s list is essential. Beyonce, Lizzo and Bad Bunny are among the winners.

Beyonce also set a record for being the most Grammy-winning artist in the history. Beyonce was nominated as a solo artist for 88 nominations. This is an exceptional record.

  • Break My Soul won the Best Dance Award.
  • Harry Styles won the Top Award of Night for Harry’s House.
  • Willie Nelson won the Best Country Award.

65th Annual Grammy Awards, 2023

On Monday, February 5, 2023 (Monday), the 65 Annual Grammy Awards were held. The ceremony took place in Crypto.Com Arena, Los Angeles. The awards honored artists, composers, and songwriters. The names of the nominees were announced on 15 November 2022.

The Wiki Report for the 65th Annual Grammy.

  • Trevor Noah (Hosting for a Third Time) is the Name of the Host
  • Most Nominations – Beyonce received nine nominations this year. Kendrick Lamar received 8 nominations.
  • CBS Television News
  • Radio Coverage- Paramount Plus
  • Premium Performer- Bob Mintzer, Buddy Guy, Maranda Curtis etc.
  • Main Ceremony Performance- Bad Bunny, Stevie Wonder etc.

How Long Are the Grammys 2023

Many people want to know the duration of the award ceremony. The award ceremony lasted more than three hours. The award function lasted from 8 PM ET to 11.30 ET.


Millions watched the 65th Grammy Ceremony online and on television. You can now watch the 65th Grammy Ceremony online if you missed it.

Did you watch the show? Share your thoughts.


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