The Fantime Mandy Rose Leak issues is an article that is important in preserving WWE wrestling history. Did you know that Mandy Rose is a well-known reseller? This news is getting attention since WWE fired Mandy Rose from her next championship. The topic quickly spread to many countries including Canada, Australia, France, and the United States.

People continue to search forFantime Mandy Rose Leak. According to the report, this is what caused her release from the WWE Championship. Scroll down to see the whole story.

What do you think of the Mandy Rose Leak from FanTime?

Mandy Rose, a well-known reseller, posted explicit videos and photos on her FanTime account. This post led to her being fired by WWE. According to the WWE authority, the resellers posted the content in order to put their company’s value at risk.

These videos and photos were leaked, resulting in a significant loss for WWE. Mandy Rose was fired from the next championship.


It has been posted to Twitter and on the page for wrestling art. People and reseller fans have commented on it.

FanTime is similar to OnlyFans. Users can take their monthly subscription for racy content. Mandy Rose owns a FanTime account and charges a $40 monthly subscription fee. She lost her chance to win the next WWE championship due to her explicit photos and videos.

Rose’s FanTime pagecontent caused controversy and was fired by WWE. All of these actions were not included in Mandy Rose’s contract, the company claimed. According to the New York Post, they found recently r- and x-rated videos and images of Mandy Rose’s fiancee on an online platform.

These videos and images go viral on the digital platform frequently. WWE suffered a huge loss due to Mandy’s FanTime content. Fightful Select states that it is against the law to violate an organization’s rules.

Photos Fan Time –

Her timeline posts of unclothed photos and a video clip have caused many problems for her. Her fans love her as a celebrity reseller and are eager to see her in the next WWE championship. But, the WWE fired her. However, her offensive images are what took everything away from her.

In their terms and conditions, WWE stated that any Ressler who engages in third-party businesses can cause damage to our organization. They have the right, in these circumstances, to fire WWE employees and will not be held responsible for any losses.

Saccomanno Quick Biography-

Full NameAmanda Rose Saccomanno
Also known asMandy Rose
Name of your childHamburgers
Born inThe New York City suburb Westchester County
Date of birthJuly 18, 1991
Name of parentsRich Saccomanno is her Father’s nameThe name of the mother is not available
FianceeTino Sabbateli
High School/SchoolYorktown High School
Graduating fromLona College
Her professionRaseller
Her WWE debut in2015

This news is still being discussed on many social media Websites like Instagram, Redditt and Twitter. While some of them support Mandy Rose’s decision, it doesn’t change the official decision by WWE.

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Mandy’s unique FanTime content was a big loss and a barrier to her career.


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