ANAHEIM, Calif., Sept. 12, 2022/PRNewswire/ – – At D23 Exhibition on Sunday, Disney Parks, Encounters and Items Executive Josh D’Amaro shared news and updates from Disney amusement parks and then some, remembering a stash of new undertakings for store for Disney Journey Line visitors. As a feature of the declarations, he revealed first subtleties on the armada’s 6th boat, idea workmanship for its new island location and an all-new get-away insight for Australia and New Zealand occupants.

Disney fans were quick to discover that the following Disney Voyage Line boat will be named Disney Fortune. In a never-before-seen idea video debuted in front of an audience, Peter Dish flies over the vessel to reveal the boat’s name, however an astounding cluster of Disney characters on the chase after experience.

D’Amaro likewise uncovered that the Disney Fortune will be planned with a fresh out of the plastic new theme dissimilar to anything Disney Voyage Line has done previously. The topic of experience, roused by Walt Disney’s affection for investigation, will prepare for epic encounters that submerge visitors in a portion of the organization’s most unbelievable stories.

“At the core of each and every experience, there’s a fortune, and we can hardly sit tight for you to make recollections on board this terrific boat,” D’Amaro said.

The Terrific Lobby will emanate the overpowering charm of experience, welcoming visitors to look for every one of the fortunes on board from the second they set out. Enlivened by the greatness and secret of an overlaid royal residence, it draws on true impacts from Asia and Africa and gives proper respect to the distant place that is known for Agrabah from Walt Disney Liveliness Studios’ exemplary story, “Aladdin.”

The mark chamber character sculpture — a Disney Voyage Line custom — will be a sparkling, gleaming, mind blowing portrayal of Aladdin, Jasmine and Sorcery Floor covering taking off together toward an entirely different universe of experience.

The Disney Fortune is booked for conveyance in 2024. Following the Disney Wish, which set forth in July, it’s the second of three new ships arranged through 2025. The Wish class ships are controlled by melted petroleum gas and component 1,254 visitor staterooms.

Disney’s Second Bahamas Objective – Beacon Point
D’Amaro shared that work has started on Disney’s second island objective in the Bahamas, situated on the island of Eleuthera at a spot called Beacon Point, divulging new subtleties and idea craftsmanship for the D23 crowd.

Disney is working intimately with Bahamian specialists and counselors to make a location that addresses the regular magnificence and rich culture of the Bahamas, rejuvenated through Disney narrating and the unrivaled help of neighborhood cast and team.

New renderings show a lively ocean side retreat injected with the variety and energy of Bahamian masterfulness. Notwithstanding the perfect sea shores, families will partake in a diversion community, feasting, shopping, a water jungle gym, a social structure and that’s just the beginning.

Disney has resolved to grow under 20% of the property; supply 90% of the site’s power from sun oriented energy; utilize economical structure rehearses; and give in excess of 190 sections of land of exclusive land to the public authority. Ecological administration programs have proactively been laid out and will go on all through development and into activity.

Get-aways On board the Disney Miracle for Visitors Down Under
Interestingly, Disney Journey Line is bringing the sorcery of a Disney excursion to families and fans in Australia and New Zealand during pristine “Disney Enchantment Adrift” travels starting late October 2023. The boat is the objective on these restricted time journeys, which have been uniquely made to submerge neighborhood visitors in their #1 Disney, Pixar, Wonder and Star Wars stories through captivating amusement and upgraded encounters all through each voyage.

The Disney Miracle will leave on these “Disney Enchantment Adrift” travels through February 2024, going from two to six evenings and withdrawing from four home ports: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; and Auckland, New Zealand.

“We are so happy to bring a genuinely new thing to the people who might have never encountered this kind of Disney enchantment previously,” D’Amaro said.

During the repositioning journeys among Honolulu and Sydney in October 2023 and February 2024, the Disney Miracle will offer the armada’s very first South Pacific agendas. These fresh out of the box new travels will give visitors from around the world the opportunity to encounter fascinating objections like Fiji and Samoa. Appointments open to people in general on Oct. 6, 2022.


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