Before you make any comments about the viral news, read the article Arrested Parag Agrawal.

Are you familiar with Parag Agrawal? A piece of viral news about him has made him the center of attention recently. Although the news is fake, social media users are still discussing it. This news spread quickly in countries such as Canada, Australia, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and the United States.

Critics have flooded the internet with accusations about the rumor that Arrested Parag Agrawalsocial Media. Parag Agarwal, the former CEO of Twitter will be the subject of our research.

What is Parag Agarwal doing in the news?

Parga Agrawal was arrested for child abuse images. The arrest came after Elon Musk warned her.

This is fake news. Parag Agrawal (ex-CEO of Twitter) was arrested. The Vancouver Times spread the rumour. Internet users condemned Parag Agrawal after the news became viral.

Parag Arrested for Child Porn

People are retweeting fake news about famous personalities being arrested. However, Vancouver is an absurd site. According to the FBI, the news reports that the ex-executive was taken into custody from his California home.

This news is false, however, many social media users don’t believe it and post scathing comments. Parag Agarwal is being called a pedophile by social media users.

People continue to spread false news via various internet platforms, destroying the image of responsible citizens.

Arrested Parg Agrawal

Parag Agarwal posted the Vancouver site’s news about the child-abusing content. They also reported that he was arrested at his residence.

The Vancouver Times reported that he intends to plead not guilty and that his lawyer suggested that he could be released on bail.

This news is posted on Twitter and people will believe it, even if it’s not in their minds. Parag Agarwal was arrested for child porn. Even users don’t need to wait for an official statement.

After many of the criticisms of the post by the ex-executive, one user clarified that the news was fake and Vancouver wasn’t an authentic website. He asked users to stop criticizing him without providing any evidence.

Quick Wiki of Parag Agrawal-

Official nameParag Agarwal
Date of birth21 1st May,1984
Born inAjmer, India
NationalityAmerican Indian
Parag Agarwal trending due toThe news Parag Agrawal
The mother professionShe is an Economics professor who has retired.
FatherhoodHis father was a high ranking official at the Indian Department of Atomic Energy
Marital statusMarried
Name of the spouseVineeta Aggarwal
High School/SchoolHigher secondary completed at Atomic Energy Junior College in Mumbai.
Education QualificationIndian Institute of Technology Bombay (BTech).
Stanford University (MS, Ph.D.)

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We examined theĀ viral media and found it to be fake news. This is the work of a ridiculous site.


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