This post will tell you What are Notti and Dd Osama twins? They are fascinating and people are interested in learning more about them.

What do you know about Notti Obsama? What did Notti Obsama do? What happened to him?

Who is Dd Osama and what are his intentions? What’s he up to? His death is often in the news, with reports coming out of the United States, Canada and Australia.

Are Notti & Dd Osama Twins This post will provide more information about the brothers.

What’s the most recent news about Dd Osama.

Many headlines about the rapper’s death have circulated online, and his fans are worried. David Reyes, a hip-hop artist better known as DD Osama is a teenager rapper who is best known for his hits Dead Opps and Without You.

Dead Opps is the most famous project of the rapper. His younger brother, Notti Osama makes an appearance in this song. Unfortunately, his brother is gone. However, Notti & Dd are not brothers.

Who Killed Notti Obsana ?

Notti Osama, 15, was attacked by a 15-year old opponent at the 137th Street/City College metro station on July 9, 2013. Osama was then admitted to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital.

The cause of the altercation, according to law enforcement authorities was not revealed. It is evident that the teenagers were at war with each other. Police already took the suspect into custody.

What other information do we have about Notti Osama’s life? When was Notti Osama stabbed?

Notti Osama was a drill rapper. This type of rapping involved taunting others. Many still believe that the rap that was released before his death led to the fight. Notti was attacked at the 137th Street/City College subway stop.

Is Dd Osama no more? Is the twin still alive?

Dd Osama and Notti Obsama are both alive. Dd Osama talks often about his 15-year-old younger brother, who passed away on July 9. People are therefore curious about the brothers.

Are Notti Osama and Dd Osama Twins Dd and Notti are not twins, but Notti, the youngest of six children, is.

Dd often said that if he could have saved his little brother, he would still be alive today.

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His Instagram has 897k fans and his bio states, “Everything that I do is for Notti Obsama.”


Dd Osama frequently talks about Notti Osama. People want to learn more about him. Dd has toured many places and the next one is at Avondale Music Hall on January 13, 2023. The YouTube channel has Dd Osama videos.

Did you know that there are other brothers to Dd Osama? Please leave comments.


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