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Do you need a Wordle 401 solution? Do you regularly check Wordle’s answers? This article will help you to understand Wordle and the Wordle answers.

Wordle is one the most talked about games in the world. This game is loved by people living in the United States, and the United Kingdom. This article will discuss Plore. We will also talk about the importance of this word and other information about it.

What’s The Word Plore Trending with Wordle Game?

Wordle answers are the most talked about aspect of Wordle. Wordle is the most widely used word puzzle game. People always discuss the Wordle answers.

The game is not perfect. Wordle users started to notice that the wrongly chosen words were trending. It happened the same way with Plore. Let’s talk about Plore.

Is a Word Plore?

Plore is the name of an exhibition that museum visitors explore in science museums. We can see that Plore is a dictionary word with a proper meaning.

What is the Correct Answer and Meaning of Wordle 401?

Elope is the correct word that was used to answer the 25th July Wordle question. This word means to flee from your home with your beloved in order to marry them. Words That Sound Similar to Plore

  • Adore
  • Score
  • Whore
  • Store
  • Snore
  • Shore
  • Glore
  • Crore

We have now seen the correct answer, Elope and .

Wordle Answers in the Past Week

  • FlockAnswer of Wordle 394; answer on 18th July
  • Anger:Answer to Wordle 395; Answer of 19 July
  • TriteAnswer to Wordle 396; Answer of 20th July
  • AphidAnswer to Wordle 397; 21 July
  • Tryst:Answer to Wordle 398; 22 July
  • Midge –Answer to Wordle 399; answer on 23 July
  • Power:Answer to Wordle 400; answer on 24 July
  • ElopeAnswer to Wordle 401; 25th July Answer

Tips to Play Explore Wordle

You are familiar with the Wordle tricks. If you’re new to Wordle, these are some tips and tricks that you can use when solving Wordle puzzles.

Most Wordle players use the color indication as their favorite trick. By placing the correct word, the wrong word or the wrong word in the box, it will change the colour of the box to green, yellow and grey.


We have learned the history of this word through the discussion of Plore Wordle. We also learned the rules of Wordle and the answers to earlier questions.

Are you a Wordle Player? Did you guess the right answer for 25 July? Share your answers below. Learn more about Wordle


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