This article will provide insight into the new website, and whether scams or is legitimate. Take a look at this

Are you looking for a website that sells luxury beauty and cosmetic products from the USA? Why does look suspicious? Now it’s time for us to examine the Molisa region. We need to determine if scams or is legit before we do this.

Do you have any doubts about’s authenticity?

  • Domain age: This website’s domain age is 29 days, and less than one year. has been launched.
  • Confidence Level: Based on research and analysis of databases, the confidence level is 1%.
  • Alexa Rank Alexa Ranking – This site has an Alexa rank global of 1637464, and a US rank at 159891.
  • It was found that 14% of the data was taken from the database’s content.
  • does not have any reviews about product performance or customer experience.
  • Social Media: Connect with Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.
  • Telephone number: 786-305-66860
  • Notification to the User via Email
  • Our product return policy: All customers have 60 days to return their product to us.
  • Refund Policy: After verification, refunds will be made to the payment source.

Information about the website, an online beauty retailer, sells nail polishes, lipsticks, and other products. You can learn more about to determine if it is legit or fake.

We will monitor the reliability of this website.

Verify the authenticity of the web page

  • This site is an ecommerce site that sells many cosmetic products.
  • There are many types of nail polishes and lipsticks that you will find, including nail polishes and nail varnishes.
  • The domain name for the website was created August 30, 2022.
  • Ends August 30th
  • The registered URL is
  • The job will determine the duration of your subscription.
  • Time: 3 to 5 days

Pros that Support Comments

  • It has a large selection of cosmetics at reasonable prices.


  • The site does not have an About Us section.

Customer Reviews

Our search revealed that there are no reviews available on the official site. Trusted review websites have mixed reviews, but we couldn’t find any evidence that the site was authentic. Find out how to avoid PayPal fraud.

Closure for things

We have all the information about Legit or Scam. After verifying all details, we can conclude that the website is fake. It was not last seen and is therefore considered suspicious. Find out more about credit card fraud.

Is this website real? We would love to hear your opinions. We


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