After finding Ur’s heart in lost lands 7, Malone resurrected Ur abnormally, causing the building in Ur’s mad house to collapse, and Malone died in the ruins , but Malone ‘s body was wearing Hiramir’s pendant , Wasn’t Malone the one who died? So where will the real Malone be? What kind of secret is Hiramir hiding? The following editor will bring you part 2 of the lost lands 7 walkthrough to uncover this mystery. If you want to see more related articles on the lost lands 7 walkthrough, you can visit Game TopN .

1. Open Hillamir’s Chamber of Secrets

1. Sheila Mill’s house

First , get Hiramir’s pendant on Malone’s corpse in the ruins. Next , go to Drakov Square. Use Hiramir’s pendant to open the door of Hiramir’s room and come to Hiramir’s house.

2. Activate the crystal

After entering the room, click on the nearby lamp on the table on the left to know another usage of the Hiramir Pendant . The light of this lamp can reveal invisible text, put Hiramir’s pendant on a special holder to activate the crystal , under which you can move the ball.

3. Open the secret room

After clicking to close the window , the room will come down, put Hiramir’s pendant on the lamp, then move the button above the lamp to the correct position, the lamp will turn on, and you will see clues about the location of the book on the window , which is the one that opens the secret room Method, after removing the book on the bookcase according to the position of the book on the window , Hillamir’s secret room will be opened .

2. Malone ‘s help

1. Making tools for drinking water

opening the secret room, you will find that Malone is locked here . He asks Susan for help and needs to drink water. You need to find and make tools to drink water . A slotted bowl can be seen on the window in the secret room, but this bowl cannot be used directly. Use the knife on the candle holder to the left of the secret room to get the candle. Talk to Marlon to make him cast the fire spell , then use the candle to get the burning candle.

Then click on the bowl on the windowsill, use the burning candle to repair the broken bowl , and you will get a bowl that can hold water .

2. Bring water to Malone

Come to Drake Square, click on the pool on the left, use the bowl to scoop up the water in the pool, then take the bowl back to Malone , learn that Hillamir locked him up and pretended to be him to deceive you, Malone Will ask you to find Hillamir’s journal to find out why he did this.

The Diary of Hillamir

1. Open Hillamir’s Box

Malone told you that Hillamir has a box for writing a diary, so first find a way to open the box, remove the straw from Malone’s position in the secret room, and you will see the symbol to open Hillamir’s box. Use the knife at the marked place on the floor of Sheilamir’s room to get Sheilamir’s Box and Axe. Use the symbols you see from the straw to open Hillamir’s box, just follow the prompts to place the symbols in the correct positions .

2. See Hiramir ‘s diary

After opening Hillamir’s box, you will get round bricks and Sheilamir’s diary, but the diary is blank . Sheilamir wrote the diary with invisible ink . You have to find a way to see the contents of the diary, and remember the contents in the room. lights ? Put Hiramir’s diary on the lamp , and you can see the records in the diary .

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