Is legit? This retailer offers amazing black clothing for women at a very low price. Learn more about the retailer’s legitimacy by reading its blog.

Which color is your favorite? What are your favorite colors? This blog is for you if the answer is “Black” and your closet is full of black dresses and outfits,

You can find a wide selection of black dresses at a web-based retail center. The website advertises its collection on the United States ;however Is Legit

It is crucial to verify the legitimacy of this website. We have the answer in the following blog. Please take your time to read it.

An analysis of’s legitimacy:

You can use SEO tools to determine if the site’s service merits your attention. Most buyers don’t match these factors, so they can’t get an exact answer. If you are considering using this shop, make sure to read these factors before making your final decision.

  • Review: There are no reviews.
  • Address Check: The address of the retail center was not given.
  • Trust Index: This score is 5%.
  • Broken Hyperlinks: There are around 60 identified broken hyperlinks.
  • Alexa Rank: No rank.
  • Social Connection: There are icons with hyperlinks.
  • Skipped Pages: There are around 126 skipped pages.
  • Copied Content: This content contains 39% of the same content and 32% of duplicate content.
  • Owner Data: Yoursblack is the operator.
  • Missing Report: Number and location
  • Payout Systems: There are many options.
  • Domain:
  • Date of Creation: 15 July 2022 is the date of creation.

What’s the Shop?

Is Legit? We checked the collection to confirm its legitimacy. It is quite different from other garment shops. The seller sells punk-inspired, gothic-inspired clothing that is all in black in both Canada and United Kingdom. There are many styles available, including tops, bottoms and dresses. The seller also offers accessories and shoes, which can be purchased separately.

You will also find tabs such as ‘News’, ‘Hot Sale’ and ‘Back to School Sale’ that show the most recent deals and newly arrived collections. You can choose the size you prefer, as well as details and photos.

Considering Reviews , Specifications:

  • Link:
  • Reviews: This product has not been reviewed or rated.
  • Email Address:
  • Location: The country or area in which the location is located has not been disclosed.
  • Phone number: The corporate phone number is not available. However, the seller suggests that you contact them via social media.
  • Transport Fees: All orders over 49 USD qualify for free shipping worldwide
  • Cancellation Policy: Yes. But within one day. Otherwise, the offer is invalid.
  • Delivery details: The products arrive in the USA or Europe within 6-18 days. For other countries, it takes 14 to 45 days.
  • Is Legal? The truth is still not known.
  • Return Process: This process is valid for 14 calendar days.
  • Refund Duration: This depends on the amount of refund requested (partial or complete). The authority approves.
  • Exchange Policy: Items that are damaged or defective will be replaced.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, American Express, Visa, Master Card, etc.


  • This collection is amazing, in black.
  • You can get discounts
  • We detected HTTPS connections.
  • There are many money payment methods.


  • The seller didn’t collect any reviews.
  • Fake social icons lead us to other pages.
  • No contact number.
  • No address details.
  • Alexa has no rank.

The reaction of to ‘Is Legal’ :

The site is still relatively new at ten days. The seller also failed to gather real consumer comments on the site or product pages.

One of the most important metrics that prove legitimacy is reviews. The shop does not have data on Google and Bing-like search engines. For refunds on PayPal , please refer to the detail step.

Final Verdict:

Low trust and Alexa rank, as well as no reviews for the retail center. The social logos used to redirect us to the login page are also fake. So, Is Legit? It’s not easy to answer because it’s so new. However, buyers should wait until the site proves reliable or look at other shops. To receive refunds on your credit cards , you should also check the process. This blog was helpful. It is appreciated if you leave a comment.


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