The guide provides information on the store as well as Vampfangs review to help online customers make the right choice.

Are you planning to throw a vamp-themed event this year for Halloween? Do you want to buy vamp fangs, clothes and other accessories for your event? provides an online store that sells fangs with a theme of vamp and face masks, contact lenses, crypt-themed clothing makeup products for vamps with other vamp-themed products.

The shop has been serving customers across in the United States since the beginning of 1993. The site offers a range of items that are themed for vamp events. Before you buy any item, make sure you look over the honest review of Vampfangs.

What is Vampfangs?

Vampfangs has an online shop which sells a range of vamp fangs, facial masks, crypts as well as beauty and FX accessories and apparel. Vampfangs offers a variety of merchandise that take inspiration from vampires. It’s the ideal shop for those who want to host an event that is themed to vampires.

The store is located in within the United States and will offer free shipping on orders over $75. Customers can look up each product by category and then review the product’s descriptions before purchasing. However, they should go through the reviews on the internet to decide what the reviews say about whether Vampfangs is genuine or fraudulent.


  • Store Website –
  • The Product Class includes Vompers Fangs and Face Masks Contacts Vamp Fangs Crypt Beauty and FX clothing and accessories
  • Payments – Credit/Debit Card , and PayPal
  • Email Help –
  • Phone Help – +1 978-594-863
  • Store Address: 244 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970
  • Email Newsletter subscriptions are not available for Email It’s not available
  • Registration of Domain – 23 years 11 months and 3 days The domain was registered on 13th September 1998.
  • Shipping Details – This shop offers free shipping on all orders that exceed $75. The time of delivery is stated at checkout on the website. The shipping price is calculated at checkout. shop makes use of USPS for delivery services.
  • Refund and Return as according to Vampfangs reviews. Vampfangs Reviews The customer has 14 days in which to exchange defective or damaged products. However, it must be returned in its original packaging and in its original packaging, undamaged and unopened. Customers are responsible the shipping costs for the item returned. The process of refunding can take between 7 and seven working days to process.
  • Social Media Activity Active Social Media Presence Present On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

Advantages of Vampfangs

  • Products inspired by Vamp
  • Vamp fangs, clothes and even a few snuffers.
  • FREE shipping for orders greater than $75.
  • The policy of return and reimbursement is in place for all damaged items.

Pros of Vampfangs

  • The website about us doesn’t include the name of our founder.
  • There is a fee to ship products back

Is Vampfangs Legit or Scam?

The purchase of unique items online demands a great deal of research and analysis to make sure you’re not committing fraud. Anyone looking to buy vamp-style fangs at the store should be aware of these suggestions.

  • was first registered in 1998. That was occurred nearly 23 years back. The domain was changed on September 20, 2021. The registration for this domain has been extended until the 12th of September in 2022.
  • The site has been awarded the trust index at 76 per cent, and an overall trust score at 58.1 percent. These are the standard trust scores and need more analysis and investigation.
  • The site provides the Vampfangs’s feedback of customers online. We have also found online reviews and feedback with the Average 3.2-star rating.
  • The site hasn’t revealed who is the person who founded it, the email address or telephone number. The following information is from Facebook’s FB page.
  • This website’s presence is on platforms for social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • The company has shared an address which is linked to its store offline at Salem, Essex.

The website appears legitimate, however , we advise that users do their own investigation prior to purchasing items from the shop. This reduces the chance of being scammed.

What are the types of Customer Reviews? Reviews?

We found many Reviews of Vampfangs on the internet . The site also has reviews from customers who have used the service before. The website was praised with mixed opinions from users and an average of 3.2-star. There aren’t many reviews that are positive, but majority of reviews are positive, and customers are happy with the purchase from the shop as well as the items it sells.

However, there are some who are unhappy with their return policy or customer service, as well as the quality of their products. Many complain of poor customer service, as well as an inadequate quality of the product and size.

So, consumers must search for reviews and conduct study prior to making a decision. They should also take a look at the online guide on spotting Credit Card Scams.

Conclusion provides an online store which sells vamp-inspired Fangs and accessories. The site has received mixed feedback from customers and has an overall average 3.2-star rating. It is therefore advised to ensure that buyers go through the site and its products prior to making a purchase. It is vital to look up reviews online prior to making a purchase. Don’t forget to study the basics of recognizing PayPal Scams.

Do you wish to purchase one of the items in the store? Let us know what you would like to purchase in the comment section.


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