To answer the question Is Tozosse Legit, please read this article. It relates to a new virtual shopping platform that sells personalized coffee mugs.

You would like to give personalized coffee mugs to your loved ones on every occasion. Do you want to find a reliable online platform that offers customized mugs on-demand? This is the place for you.

Today’s article focuses on the legitimacy and appeal of a newfangled online shopping platform. Buyers in the United States want to know more about this online shop. To clarify your question Is Tozosse Legit, please continue reading.

Is Tozosse Reliable?

We’ve gathered information from many sources and have compiled the following facts. These points will help you judge the integrity and reliability of this platform.

  • Website Oldness – This website is older than three months and five days. It was established on 27 April 2022.
  • Portal Trust Score –1%, Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Alexa Rank – 5875265 is below-standard and indicates that Internet surfers are not viewing this site.
  • Link to Social Media – The link to the platform’s Facebook has been broken. It opens a page where the content has been locked or deleted.
  • Tozosse Review This platform does not allow customers to leave reviews.
  • Contact Information’s Realness – The physical location of the store looks like it is a house for rent. It is far from being an office, or storage unit. According to the Net search, this portal’s contact number doesn’t display the phone number.
  • Limited Stock – This store only has three items, which is quite disappointing.
  • Features’ Absenteeism This store does not offer the sorting and filtering options for item surfing. This is a critical aspect for online shops, even though it doesn’t matter much at the moment.

This section suggests that this portal is not authentic. It is difficult to decide Is Tozosse Legit due to the website’s freshness.

What’s Tozosse?

Tozosse is a virtual marketing platform that sells ceramic coffee mugs with text printed on them. This store currently offers only three types of this product. You can also order customized prints from the portal.


  • Website Type – An e-commerce website that sells coffee mugs printed with printed text.
  • Site Address –
  • Store Location –614 Tracy Av. Kansas City, Missouri-64106 United States
  • Phone Number – (+1) 551 220 9029
  • E-mail Address –
  • Terms & Conditions –Written
  • Privacy Policy –Stated
  • Linking with Social Media Forums. Erroneous. This is a huge disadvantage.
  • Shipping Policies:Shipment is only available in the USA within 5 to 6 working days without any fees.
  • Refunds and Returns’ Rules –Shoppers may contact the support team within 30 days of receiving their returns. For refund processing, customers should allow three to five business days.
  • Sorting Method and Filter By – Not Included.
  • Price for Goods – Given in USD. Other options are available via the drop-down.
  • Payment Methods –Credit or debit cards of MasterCard Union Pay Visa and JCB.


  • Although few, these products are elegant in their designs and structures.
  • The Terms of Usage section was written by the developers.

Cons Underlining Is Tozosse Legit

  • The virtual store currently contains only three products.
  • On the Privacy Policy page, the e-mail address was incorrectly entered.
  • This Facebook account opens a page that contains locked or deleted content. This store does not include linking to social media.
  • This platform’s copyright badge does not include any year.
  • The Shop Now button on the homepage is not functional, indicating poor web design. The absence of filtering and sorting options is another sign of poor design.
  • This website’s recentity increases doubts.

Tozosse Reviews

There are no reviews that mention this portal. It is evident that Internet users have not yet seen the items in this store. The store does not have any sections where customers can leave comments. It is therefore impossible to obtain data on the reviews for this portal. It is therefore essential to know how to get your money back from PayPal, if you have been scammed.


Its unoriginality is evident in our analysis of the portal and the absence of customer feedback. It is difficult to determine whether Is Tozosse Legit. For your security, you can learn How to Refund money on credit card You can also read about personal gift ideas to help plan your occasions.


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