We have provided all details regarding store in this Is it Strictlymot.com Scam? or Legit post. These details are important so make sure to read them.

Are you looking to buy bottles? Do you know a unique shop for bottles? Strictlymot sells a variety of bottles. This store is confusing to people from the United States. Online shopping has become easier for everyone. Online shopping is preferred by many people over offline shopping. After discussing some factors, we can determine if the strictlymot shop is genuine or fake.

Let’s now discuss Is it a Scam or Legit.

Is Strictlymot.com legal?

While many online shopping platforms claim to offer the best products, some sites deceive customers. People are less likely to shop at scam online stores because they don’t have the right information. We came up with the best solution to store reviews. Let’s take a look at the Strictlymot store.

  • Domain registration – This domain was launched on the 15th of November 2012.
  • Expiry Date: On 15 November 2023, the domain for the Strictlymot website went live.
  • ReviewsStrictlymot.com reviews are not available on the official site.
  • Trust Rate: 35% is the trust rate for the Strictlymot site.
  • Data encryption : This store is protected as the site for HTTPS protocol.
  • Privacy policy All policies are clearly listed on the website.
  • Missing information : Information about the owner is not available.

A brief description of Strictlymot.

The online shop Strictlymot sells water bottles. You will find a wide selection of water bottles in the store. The Strictlymot shop also sells some amazing products. Let’s look at some of the products it offers:

  • Flip ice flow straw cup
  • Stanley flip straw the Iceflow
  • A classic, legendary, mossy oak food jar

Is Strictlymot.com a Scam or Legit. This question has been asked by thousands of users on internet browsers. Even though the store sells amazing bottles, we don’t trust it without knowing everything. Let’s find out if this store is real or fake.

Strictlymot com Features

  • Urlhttps://strictlymot.com/
  • Email address: info@strictlymot.shop
  • Phone Number: ++1 (208) 209-9316
  • Store Address Key Largo, Key Largo 103401 Overseas Hwy FL 33037
  • Shipping Policy: No shipping charges for products shipped worldwide.
  • Payment Mode: American Express. JCB. PayPal. Nortan. Diners Club.

Positive Aspects

  • The store will deliver for no charge.
  • Proper phone number, physical address, email addresses were given to me.

Negative Aspects

  • These reviews are not available.

Strictlymot.com Reviews

Strictlymot allows people to shop online for water bottles. Although the store has been around for many years, it does not provide a customer service. The official Strictlymot website has zero reviews. This store also has negligible ratings. Online rating platforms do not allow the store to be rated. There are also no customer reviews available on these reviews platforms.

Although the store mentions social media icons, there isn’t an account that can be linked to them. The store is therefore not accessible on any social media platforms. Click here to learn security against credit card fraud.

In a nutshell

We have listed all details about the store in the ” Is Sttrictlymot.com Scam? or Legit” post. This store, Strictlymot, was established more than ten year ago. The trust rate is also below average. Also, there are no customer reviews. These aspects lead us to conclude that the website is fake. This page outlines how to protect from PayPal scamming. For more information on bottles , visit this link.

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