Are you looking to purchase a Jacket at Are you considering placing order? Are you unsure if the shop is authentic? This review will help you understand all you need to know about Qualuxe Online store. is this website Legal?

Qualuxe, also called is an internet-based shop which provides Men T-shirts. We did our did some research and found a few disadvantages to the site. Here are the negatives associated with the store:

Six Reasons Why Qualuxe is Not A Real Website:

Customer Complaints

Customers gave a 1 star rating for their negative experiences with the store. negative reviews were posted on the internet. Here is a reviews written by a customer.

Poor Customer Support:

There is no way to contact on the site. No phone number, No email address. How can the customer get in touch with the store after placing an order? This is very suspicious!

A Business No Address

Qualuxe online store was not give a physical address. This is not good. How can the customer locate the store in the case the need to return goods or get a refund?


There isn’t a trust seal that is issued by Norton, McAfee etc. Because of this the customer’s private and financial information is not protected and are subject to hackers on the internet. Beware!

No Social Media Presence

Aren’t you thinking that the are scared of being exposed via social media platform forms? There’s no social media icon available on the site. We looked around and couldn’t locate the official Twitter account that is associated with the company. Beware!

Age of Website:

As per WHOIS ( a domain-checker) The site was created on the 2nd of March 2022. This indicates that the site was just created and is not able to pass an examination of its time. Newly registered websites cannot be verified as they have no background. Additionally, online scammers use websites that are newly developed in their scams.


We have concluded that is just like Shinesapparel, Bizbuy, Dannshoes, Malvos, Movidaco are not reputable online stores. Due to this, we can’t provide any assurance on its authenticity. Therefore, we advise customers to exercise caution.

According to the FTC The FTC states that fraudulent online shopping is among the top identified fraud categories for 2022. Online reports show that more than a thousand people fall victim to these types of scams every month. It is because of unchecked advertisements through social media platforms, low costs, and insecure payments systems.

If you’ve been a victim of this type of scam ask your bank for the possibility of a chargeback.

Have you ever purchased at this store online? Did you have a pleasant experience or unpleasant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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