NicoBloc is a liquid that blocks nicotine which can help you quit smoking cigarettes.

It blocks nicotine and tar from entering your body through the application of NicoBloc drops onto the filter of the cigarette prior to smoking. The product uses natural ingredients to keep the scent and taste while preventing harmful elements.

Does NicoBloc actually function? Does it work? NicoBlock serve as a tool to stop smoking cigarettes?

Continue reading to find out all there is to know about NicoBloc and the way it operates.

What exactly is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a new method to quit smoking. It uses a liquid blend of natural substances to block nicotine and tar from reaching the smoking lungs of those who smoke.

Prior to smoking the cigarette, a few drops of Nico Bloc are applied to the filter of the cigarette. After that, smokers continue to smoke like they normally do. They are enthralled by the act of smoking cigarettes without nicotine or smoke that helps them quit smoking easier.

NicoBloc blocks the absorption of nicotine and tar however it does not affect the flavor, smell, or the experience of smoking. Smokers can continue to smoke regularly, while slowly reducing their addiction to nicotine. Within a couple of days of using NicoBloc and noticing an immediate decrease in their cravings, like.

NicoBloc is patented, endorsed by medical professionals, and produced by the United States. The composition of the liquid is made of natural substances without any known adverse side effects. Each product is backed by a 60-day money-back assurance.

Ingredients in NicoBloc

NicoBloc is made up of natural ingredients. NicoBloc is a mix of corn syrup as well as citric acid, water and food-safe stabilizers according to the official website.

The company claims that NicoBloc “has zero known negative side effects and is completely suitable for use.” NicoBloc does not contain any pharmacological ingredients as well as synthetic chemicals. Furthermore, NicoBlock has undergone comprehensive tests to confirm its safety and effectiveness.

What is NicoBloc perform its function?

NicoBlock can block up to 99.99 percent of tar as well as nicotine. This makes it simpler to quit smoking. Simply apply NicoBloc on cigarettes to reduce the amount of tar as well as nicotine inhaled. The user can determine the amount of nicotine they want to block, which makes the decision to quit at their own speed easier.

More NicoBloc drops are added to cigarettes, the more nicotine and the amount of tar NicoBloc will be able to absorb:

* One drop block 33% nicotine as well as Tar

* 2 drops prevent 66 percent of nicotine and Tar.

* Three drips block 99 percent of nicotine as well as tar

Many people attempt to quit smoking as soon as they can and then suffer. The process of quitting abruptly can be difficult. Our bodies are physiologically addicted to nicotine, so removing nicotine could be difficult. Furthermore, many have created rituals to stop smoking.

When people stop smoking Nico Bloc, these withdrawal symptoms will disappear as they still enjoy their break time. Within a couple of weeks, they’ll be completely free from the addiction and not experience the withdrawal effects.

NicoBloc’s official NicoBloc website discusses the benefits of quitting smoking NicoBloc in the following manner:

“The intense withdrawal symptoms from nicotine could make quitting smoking completely difficult. The use of NicoBloc greatly decreases withdrawal symptoms, by reducing nicotine intake gradually.

NicoBloc is completely natural, does not have any negative side effects and no properties that can be addictive. NicoBloc is a natural product that has been clinically tested, and recommended by doctors in contrast to other products for quitting smoking (such as patches, gums tablets, and gums) which contain chemical ingredients and negative effects.

Additionally, NicoBloc is supported by scientific research. 58% of the 680 people who participated in one study quit smoking cigarettes while using Nico Bloc. In another study 53% of those who took NicoBloc had a successful stop smoking. NicoBloc’s manufacturers NicoBloc provide this data on their website, making it easy to comprehend the way NicoBloc operates and what research says about NicoBloc’s unique formula.

How to Utilize Nico Bloc

NicoBlock is easy to utilize. The company recommends making use of NicoBloc for the following reasons to reduce nicotine and tar:

1.) Make a small indentation inside the filter of your cigarette.

2.) Apply up to three drops of NicoBloc (depending upon whether you are looking for it to stop 33 or 99 percent nicotine and tar).

3.) Smoke your cigarette as normal.

This is it! NicoBloc blocks nicotine and tar automatically from your cigarettes.

NicoBloc Advantages and Features

NicoBloc endorses the following attributes and benefits:

100% organic and drug-free There are substances present that are present in gums, patches and tablets. Certain of these drugs simulate nicotine’s effects in a way which makes it simpler to quit. NicoBloc however, on the contrary hand, has a patented blend of natural ingredients and is completely secure, non-addictive and doesn’t have any adverse impacts.

Utilizing Cigarettes to give up: NicoBloc eliminates the need to stop smoking instantly. Instead, smokers can quit using the same tobacco with which they are familiar. This means that they can experience the same flavor, feel and smell, as well as appearance and enjoyment of their preferred cigarettes, without the tar and nicotine, which allows smokers to quit smoking cigarettes at their personal pace without having to abandon the habit or ritual.

NicoBloc’s producers claim its nicotine-blocking and tar solution can be so successful it can be used all through the pregnancy. NicoBlock lets women stop smoking cigarettes during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, abruptly stopping smoking could cause withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous. There aren’t any substitute medicines for nicotine for women who are pregnant. NicoBloc believes it can help to this end.

Easy Applicator: The applicator provided with NicoBloc allows you to apply the liquid mix to the filter of a cigarette. It’s a speedy and easy application tool that will be soon a part of the smoking routine.

Stop Smoking in 6 Weeks: NicoBloc claims that it can assist smokers to stop smoking cigarettes in just six weeks using its tapering method that has been proven to work.

Improve Health: It’s widely known that quitting smoking cigarettes could provide benefits for health. Recent studies have revealed that smokers who have quit could erase the majority of the body and lung damage that smoking causes.

What is NicoBlock stop nicotine and Tar?

NicoBloc assures to block between 33% and 99.99 percent of nicotine and tar from cigarettes, based on the quantity consumed (1 Drop blocks 33 percent, two drops stop 66% three drops blocks 99 percent of nicotine and tar).

What is NicoBloc function? What is the mechanism by which NicoBloc’s components block nicotine and tar?

Official website describes the site like this:

“As smoke moves throughout the NicoBloc fluid it is absorbed by the corn syrup, and its citric acid neutralizes nicotine.”

NicoBloc lowers the body’s dependence and dependence on nicotine through blocking nicotine and tar, even the smokers continue to consume the same amount of cigarettes a day. This can reduce the amount of cigarettes consumption, and even quitting smoking easier.

A smoker who is a daily pack is likely to reduce their consumption by 25% following each week of using NicoBloc. For smokers who smoke twenty cigarettes a day, for example they may reduce consumption to 16 cigarettes a day in week 1. 12 cigarettes a day in week 2, and 9 cigarettes per day in week 3, etc.

NicoBlock can block nicotine and tar, however it won’t alter the flavor or smell of cigarettes. In fact, the recipe is designed to keep the taste and smell. Smokers will experience the same sensation as smoking their favorite cigarettes and will enjoy the same sensation, taste and smell, as well as appearance and enjoyment – while reducing their dependence on physical cigarettes.

Research-based Evidence to Support NicoBloc

NicoBloc is, as per their official web site is backed by independent clinical research that proves its effectiveness.

In clinical research conducted by independent researchers in clinical studies, 58 percent of smokers who tried NicoBloc had success in quitting smoking cigarettes, which is 10 times higher than the national average. The other participants in the study reduced their smoking by 77% on average. The study included 680 subjects.

Corn syrup could be able to absorb tar by physically. Tar is absorbed by the corn syrup’s thick layer making it difficult for it to move through the filter and be absorbed by the lungs.

There is evidence to suggest that the citric acid can help people quit smoking cigarettes. In this study in 1993 researchers for instance, discovered that an aerosol with citric acid could effectively reduce smoking among smokers. A 1987 study found that citric acid aerosols increase the sensations in the trachea that are triggered by smoke from cigarettes, thereby satisfying smokers’ desires.

Many e-liquids include citric acid to create a sweet taste. For instance, many contain a concentration of between 5and 10 percent. But, it is used to flavor food, and not to diminish nicotine, as NicoBloc asserts.

But the creators of NicoBloc are certain that their product will neutralize nicotine and tar and block the majority of these substances from inhaling and making NicoBloc an efficient and popular aid to quitting smoking.

NicoBloc Pricing

If purchased from the official website A one-bottle of NicoBloc costs $24.99 (two-week supply). The price per bottle can be just $18 when you buy several containers.

Here’s the structure of pricing:

* 1 * 1 NicoBloc (2 weeks supply) costs $24.99 and $4.95 for shipping and handling.

* 3 NicoBlocs (6 Week Supply) Shipping: $59.98 + Free US Shipping

* 5 NicoBlocs (10 Week Supply): $89.97 + Free shipping in the United States

Refund Procedure

NicoBloc comes with a one year guarantee and a sixty-day customer satisfaction assurance.

If the purchaser is not satisfied with NicoBloc within 60 days the product is returned, they can claim the right to a refund. If the product is defective due to an issue with its manufacturing, customers are entitled to a reimbursement for one-year.


NicoBloc blocks in the absorption and absorption rate of nicotine as well as the tar that cigarettes release. It’s made up of citric acid corn syrup and other natural ingredients which allow smokers to continue smoking cigarettes without taking in nicotine or tar. As time passes smoking levels decrease and then, eventually, they reach an age when they can stop smoking entirely.


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