The seller offers the best-selling shapewear for women at a great promo code giveaway offer. But Is Legit Find out more by reading the content.

Do you want to purchase shapewear? Do you want to find a trusted online store that sells the best-selling shapeswear? You will find the following information. It is difficult to find time to exercise or go to the gym with your busy schedule. With, you can achieve the perfect shape to rock your party. This shop sells women’s shapewear and claims it is the best-selling in the United States.

But Is Legit. This informative article will explain everything.

An analysis of the legitimacy of

There are many web shops that claim to be legitimate. However, not all stores can be trusted. Users should not make decisions based on their vision and mission. The most prevalent scams in Mexico and the USA are money forgery, data theft, and identity theft.

  • Location Legitimacy. The address is legitimate, according to our verification of the company name.
  • Pirate Content: Existence 27% of duplicate data and 48% of common data
  • Reviews: Reviews are now available.
  • Date of Enlistment: It is the 13th October 2015.
  • Alexa Rank: 1498159
  • Community Network: Yes, you can access the details of the network.
  • Trust Index: It’s satisfactory. Overall, the scoring index scores 86%.
  • Skipped Page: The presence of 12+ skipped Pages
  • Paying Systems – Single
  • Broken URLs: There are more than 248 links that have been identified as inactive.
  • Missing Information: Please email us to get your return policy.
  • Domain:
  • Company Details: These details are not available on the site.

The seller founded its business in 2015 and has received outstanding reviews and trust index. Further details are provided below.

What’s the shop?

Is Legit To allow buyers to purchase premium quality women’s shapewear, the seller offers it on the ecommerce platform. The website was designed in a unique way. The site’s homepage states that Melany, a well-known social influencer, is the one who created the retail shop. She sells not only shapewear but also waist trainers, buttlifters, full body shapeswear and beauty products.

All the items can be found in their respective categories. The site also offers a 10% discount on its gold edition collections. The item page also includes detailed information about the items, including color and size options.

Considering Reviews , the specifications for this shop:

  • Link:
  • Email Address: The email address was not received.
  • Information about the location: 11528-Harry Hines Blvd-Ste A-112, Dallas TX-75229 USA.
  • Phone number: 469-432-70848
  • Freight Charges: This fee information is only available when you buy the product.
  • Reviews: There are many reviews.
  • Shipping details: The length and modes of shipping are not listed on the site. They will only be visible at check-out.
  • Refund Service: This service is not available.
  • Cancellation Policy: Buyers must contact them to cancel their request. There are also some fees that buyers will need to pay.
  • Is Legit? The answer is not known.
  • Order Exchange Policy: This exchange policy applies only to the waist trainer and not to full-body shapeswear. If you get the wrong size product, we will provide the service.
  • Return Policy: Not available.
  • PayPal Payment Options


  • There are many options for shapewear.
  • A unique promo code discount deal is given.
  • An HTTPS connection is possible.
  • Page for active community members.
  • There are reviews.


  • The majority of these remarks are horrible.
  • Alexa rank is very low.
  • The site does not have a return policy.
  • Additional fees may apply for cancellation or exchange policies.

Views of by Customers ‘Is Legit ‘:

Site has been rated by different feedback platforms. It has been rated on one of the most well-known sites with 3.2 stars. A review noted that the site doesn’t have a return policy and the client support is poor.

The shop also received two stars on another site with many negative comments such as people receiving the product after a long, unsatisfactory, and customer service service. You can also read how to request a refund on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Site has been around for five years. It also has a high trust score, active 70K+ Instagram followers, and a service age of about five years. However, the Alexa rank and reviews are not favorable. So, Is Legit . Although it is legitimate, buyers should read reviews before using the service. You can also check the steps for refunds on credit cards. This article was helpful. Comment below.


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