Is Eastkick Legit? This article will tell you about a website that sells high-end sneakers. Let’s see if these claims are true.

Do you love to buy sneakers? Do you prefer sneakers for both men and women? Is Eastkick’s platform your preference? It would be a good idea to wait until you read this review.

While there are many online retailers selling sneakers, it can be difficult for customers in Romania, Germany and the United Kingdom to choose the right platform. Before you order, make sure to evaluate the products. We have also provided the details so that you can decide Is Eastkick Legit.

Is Eastkick’s online shop a Scam?

  • Eastkick domain expiry and creation details. The official website for the company’s sneakers went live on February 28, 2022. The Eastkick domain will be updated February 28, 2023.
  • Eastkick’s domain name: Eastkick’s sneakers website’s domain is named
  • Activity in social media:Eastkick is active on TikTok and Google Plus as well as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Web evaluation rates/index: The official Eastkick website contains around one percent trust rates/ rates.
  • Rank on The Net:439.272 is a worldwide rank and 109.872 is a country-wise rank. There’s no category rank available for Eastkick’s official website.
  • Total trust score: Eastkick’s site could only get a 57% total trusted score.
  • Customer Review: The minimal favorable Eastkick reviews prove this website doubtful for purchasing the sneakers.

What’s Eastkick’s online platform

Eastkick’s is one of the e-commerce sites that sell sneakers. It claims to make high-end sneakers for men and women, which will improve their quality of life. It understands that the shoes its customers wear reveal information about their past and present.

It also claims to offer a unique way to buy sneakers at its one-stop platform. It has shipped over 1,000,000 pairs of sneakers around the world and specializes on Factory Second (FS), sneakers that are not available in any traditional shops.

But Is Eastkick Legit or were its sneakers consigned by reputable vendors with them? This would be a great thing to do before you buy.

Specifications for Eastkick’s online platform:

  • Website URL-
  • E-mail details-,,, and
  • Number details – +1 646 808 5202
  • Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 09:00 to 06:00 (EST), Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 06:00 (GMT).
  • The address of Eastkick’s retail store is not listed on the website.
  • East Kick claims to offer many payment methods with several local options for each nation.
  • Shipping Conditions – Eastkick’s online shopping platform takes three business days to complete shipments. We recommend checking Is Eastkick Legit before you order sneakers. Eastkick might take an additional day during promotional periods or holidays.
  • Returns Policy – Eastkick will give you fourteen days to return your sneakers.

Pros Eastkick’s Online Platform:

  • Eastkick’s shoes shopping platform offers sneakers for men and women.
  • It claims to be able to provide high-end sneakers for its customers.
  • East Kick offers an additional five percent discount when you buy your first pair of sneakers.

Cons of Eastkick’s online platform:

  • Eastkick’s does not provide information about its traditional store.
  • Customers gave Eastkick’s website a poor rating of 2.6.
  • Many Eastkick customers are dissatisfied with its sneakers.

Eastkick Reviews:

Eastkick’s buyers are unhappy with the site’s 2.6 rating. Since they don’t sell genuine sneakers, buyers referred to Eastkick as an untrustworthy website. Eastkick’s sneakers have a Chinese label and a chemical smell. Customers also didn’t receive their sneakers from East Kick’s official online store.

Many buyers were not able to get a refund for sneakers that they didn’t receive. East Kick is known for having biased opinions. The most negative reviews are about the sneakers and the online sales platform. It is not a wise decision to purchase sneakers online from East Kick. Before you order sneakers from the official Eastkick website, make sure to verify that it Is Eastkick Legit. For vital information, make sure to check All You Need To Know About Paypal Scam.

Final Verdict:

Eastkick claims it deals with high-end sneakers with many options for males and females. Eastkick is not trusted due to a lack of positive views from buyers and a poor rating. World-class sneakers are available here.


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