This Is Boujee hippie legit post will provide more information to our readers about this online retailer of body-shaping clothes. Continue reading.

Do you know of a website where women can find fashionable clothes and body-shapewear? Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know about this website. We’ve created a website that will meet all your needs for physical care. Boujee Hippie is an online store for women who sell shapewear. It was founded in the United States.

We are always concerned about the security of our readers and will update this page as soon as we find out more about Is Boujee hippie legit. We conduct an authenticity check to protect you from online fraud and data breaches. This article contains additional information about this website.

Is the online store genuine?

Boujee Hippie, a women’s clothing and shapewear business, sells affordable and stylish tees online. We are responsible for providing any relevant information to our visitors.

To avoid fraud online, it is important to verify a website’s credibility. We review all Boujee Hippie Review to ensure that the website is legit. Please take the time to properly evaluate all details.

  • Domain Registration Date:Boujee Hippie’s domain registration date for May 12, 2019.
  • Trust Level The website has a trust score of 76%. Our readers might be advised to investigate further before they shop on this website.
  • Alexa Ranking: Its Alexa ranking has increased (Rank: 791372)
  • Web Registrar LLC is the domain registrar of this online women’s shapewear shop.
  • Customer Reaction We went to their website to verify Is Boujee hippie Legit. However, there were no customer testimonials. We found contradictory reviews on their website and other portals.
  • Social Media Presence The Boujee Hippie website uses Facebook to upload relevant information.
  • Customer Rules The official Boujee Hippie site provides an in-depth analysis on a few administrative processes, such as shipping and reimbursement.
  • Information not found: There isn’t much information on client reviews on the homepage.
  • Client Security To protect customer information from being stolen, the web portal is protected via HTTPS. However, it is not the best security feature.

Concerning Are Boujee Hippie Lawful

Boujee Hippie is an online retailer that offers fashionable tees for women and shapewear at affordable prices. Below are some of the clothing items they offer.

  • Butt Lifter
  • Bundle for the Summer Season
  • Waist Trainer
  • Belly Sweat Band
  • Boujee Babe Tees

Features for Boujee Hippie

  • Buy Boujee Cropped Hoodie from
  • Email address:
  • Company Address :3160 Suite 130, Commonwealth Dr. Dallas-75247 TX.
  • Contact Information : You can reach them at (248)829-1168
  • User Reviews According to the Is Boujee hippie Legit section of this website, there is no user feedback. There are many conflicting reviews.
  • Return Policy – Original goods can be returned within 30 calendar days after purchase. However, they must still be in the original packaging.
  • Shipping Requirements The minimum order for free shipping is $75. Delivery times are between 3-5 business days.
  • Payment Method – Master Card, ApplePay and Credit Cards are all accepted payment methods.

Positive Highlights

  • They have a social media profile that is easily accessible and provides relevant information.
  • The website provides a comprehensive explanation of all policies for consumers.

Negative Highlights

  • Their homepage does not contain any customer reviews.

Boujee Hippie Review

Boujee Hippie is an online retailer that sells a wide range of clothing and body shapes for women. Unfortunately, we were not able to find any ratings or feedback from customers on their website. There are mixed reviews and rankings on other websites. There are mixed reviews and rankings on other websites. We believe this website is trustworthy. We recommend that you shop on it once and then see for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about PayPal Scamming, please click here.

It has an average Alexa ranking and a good trust score. It has been around for three years, which is quite a long time.


The Is Boujee Hippy Legit post is summarized on the website, which we believe is reliable. We recommend that readers visit the shop once to decide if the experience is worth it. To learn everything you need to know about credit card fraud , click here. For more information on top body-shaping brands , please visit the website .


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