Are you looking to purchase women’s blouses or tops from the Biomarcia online store, which is located at Beware! This is not a legitimate online store to buy from. This review reveals all you should know prior to purchasing from this shop.

It’s not real It’s not real, people. otherwise known as Biomarcia or Biomarcia the website is a suspect online store selling a wide range of women’s clothing, including tops and blouses, dresses and bottoms, as well as jumpsuits, bottoms, etc. Check out the negatives of this website below .

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From

No Business Address:

There is no address for business listed on this site. This is a sign that the owners of this site are concealing the real nature of the store. It could be in China that is famous for the production of cheap goods.

Poor Customer Support:

The store’s email address ‘’ isn’t working. In addition, there’s no number to call. There’s no method customers can reach the store.

No Social Media Presence:

There isn’t a social media icon available on biomarcia’s website. This is a sign that the owners of this business are afraid of being exposed on different online social networks.

Recently Registered:

This site was created in the 5th of May 2022. It’s not even close at least six months old. This is a bit suspect as the majority of fake online stores are using domain names that are new.

Lacks Quality:

Have noticed that the faces of models in biomarcia’s website were cut? This suggests that the pictures weren’t originally taken from this store. The images were stolen from a different website. Thus, customers could get low-quality goods that were not the ones advertised.

Not Properly Secured:

This web site isn’t risk-free, it’s not secured by McAfee and Norton. The site is susceptible to hackers who could tamper the personal and financial information.


Biomarcia is located on is a rogue online store which entices customers. The store is based on fake addresses, as well as email addresses. Beware! Your order won’t be delivered when you have paid.

Do you think you’ve been scammed? Do This

When shopping at this retailer, it exposes customers to the possibility of a stolen credit card as well as excessively charged fees. Customers could also receive a lower quality item, a lower priced product, or none whatsoever.

It is therefore recommended to report any complaints with your bank and request the creation of a new credit (debit) card. However when you use Paypal as payment method it is recommended to document (screenshot) your transactions for later use.

Yes, it’s true that shopping online has made life much easier However, when purchasing items online, you should read theseitems –

How long has the site been in existence? Does it have a the return address? Are there online reviews from customers? Are these icons on social networks function?


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