Read the following article to find out whether is a scam or a legitimate business by looking at customer feedback and the most important information.

Hey, fashion-forward individuals! Are you looking for the ideal wedding attire for the current season? Are you currently in India and unsure of the ideal match? Don’t worry; we’re here to tell you about, the most popular website.

The fact that this website is able to provide the highest-quality clothing at an affordable price is credited with its extensive selection of choices. However, at the same time, a question arises! Is it a legitimate platform? Avoid wasting time. Examine customer reviews and all relevant information to determine: Is Legit or a Scam?

Know about the website “!”

The largest selection of fashionable dresses for women is available on the website. They are determined to turn the passion that women have for fashion into a profitable business. When you click on any item on the website, it appears to belong to the Aurelia brand because it points in that direction.

The question of whether reviews are a hoax or legitimate arises as a result of the two’s distinct or interconnected characteristics. Check the specifications below to see if all of the information is provided!


Name of website: Website URL for Biiba: Email for is: support@biiba.i Contact information: +91) 8401 80662 The Business Biiba Store, Aagam Vivianna, Surat, Gujarat, 395007, India, opposite Phoenix Tower, near Rajhans Cinema Vesu
Options for paying: Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, and VISA.

Information on Shipping and Delivery For orders placed within the United States, please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.
Policy on Returns and Refunds The return policy lasts for 30 days.
Check Factors of Legitimacy!
Date of domain registration: On May 2, 2022, this domain was purchased for more than six months.
The genuine review portal did not recognize the domain’s expiration date.
Status on the Blacklist None of the Blacklist Engines can find it. engine on a blacklist.
Social media links: There are links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, but none of them are specifically for the Aurelia brand.
Threat and malware profiles: In each section, this website received 42 points, which is a red flag. ID of Owner WHOIS services do not retrieve the owner’s information.
Score for phishing: It represents the presence of a red alert and has been given the rank 35.
Trust Score: This domain’s score has been calculated to be average, or 48.1 percent.
Spam rating: This website has received 19 points, which does not bode well.
Reviews of It doesn’t give honest feedback.
Proximity to questionable websites It has been given 18 points for this reason.
The number, 1222741, indicates low popularity.
Security over HTTPS A working HTTPS connection has been found.
A 50% Trust Score: Positive Aspect? The company has received an average score of 50%.
It has been determined that there is an active HTTPS connection.
This website has not been detected by any blacklisting engine.
On the organization’s website, official addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers are listed.
Returns are accepted within 30 days.

What Are Its Best Features?

There aren’t any genuine customer reviews in it.
A distinct brand is provided by the social media platforms.
The contact information for the owner cannot be found by WHOIS services.
Customers should be alarmed by any negative score.
It is obvious that the WhatsApp link is present, but it displays the incorrect link.

Reviews from clients:

Any domain’s online legitimacy can only be confirmed by reading customer reviews. However, customer feedback cannot be found on the official website. Users are also being directed to Aurelia’s official media profile via social media hyperlinks. Tragically, the audits of clients are not found by outside survey destinations. Additionally, by visiting this page, you can obtain some safety measures to avoid PayPal fraud.


This domain’s lack of reviews and scores cast doubt on the validity of its claims. Additionally, a negative aspect is the inability to locate the owner’s information using WHOIS services. We advise against making a purchase from this website and instead going to another reputable website. Verify the information for Credit Card Scams by clicking this link.

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