This article provides all the information you need about HMP Human Meat Project (Com).

Human meat donations are handled by This is done in order to reduce world overpopulation. The bodies are then donated to

HMP Human Meat Project com believes that each person’s life is important. They select the origin and source of the human flesh they get, thereby reducing variation in the quality life around the world.

About HMP Human Meat Project Com

The Humane Meat Organization assists and secures every country in order to return it to the rest.

They believe that if we all work together, we can improve the living conditions of the planet and help the global movement to protect the environment.

They believe that humans are the only ones on the planet. This means that each person must survive and create a world that is better for humanity and the Do Unit.

It is said that every person on the planet is a cardinal. Cannibalism is not a common behavior among living animals, as we all know. This is a common behavior in both the animal kingdom as well as in humans where self-consumption occurs.

Christopher Columbus discovered evidence of cannibalistic practices that date back to the dawn of modern civilization during his exploration of New World.

What does the term cannibal refer to?

The Spanish brought the Caribs (cannibals) to the United States. This is how the word “cannibal” was born.

Although the Spanish claimed that the Caribbean tribes ritually consumed their enemies, it is highly unlikely that this has ever happened in modern times.

The European powers were determined to make the Caribbean part of an anti-colonial conflict. These things were also claimed to be propaganda tactics used by the Spanish group in order to create fear.

HMP Human Meat believes that the planet must be saved from the negative effects of modern civilizations and lifestyles. It is therefore important to shift our thoughts as well as our diet choices.

They believe that climate change is also caused by garbage, pollution, and overpopulation.


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