The advanced features of any PDF editor software are there to give you more options when merging your PDFs. There are hundreds of online, open-source programs that will let you merge a few PDFs at a time for free, but if you’re a large organization or run a business, you need something that will merge files quickly and efficiently. You also need a tool that will let you customize the merging process so you can do things such as insert an extra page or add a footer to your files. All edited PDF online programs have their features and this article will run through the most popular ones.

Basic Features of a PDF Merge Tool 

If you want to edit PDF documents, you can use a variety of different edit PDF programs to help. They all come with several tools to optimize PDF documents, including adding comments or annotations, letting you convert PDF to editable Word and PDF conversion software. One of the most important tools that all PDF software comes with is the merge tool. This feature lets users merge, combine, or split PDF files into a single document so it is easier to share a large volume of documents. 

Depending on the merge tool you are using, its most basic feature is merging a few files at a time either through a drag-and-drop interface or letting you upload multiple files to its online browser. This operation merges all your uploaded files into one, but it does not let you customize the experience. Some organizations may need to pick and choose specific pages from large files to merge, rather than merging the entire document into another. That’s why the basic features of merging tools are not always enough for all users. 

Advanced Features of a PDF Merge Tool

The advanced features of any edit PDF tools online depend on the tool or program itself, as they are all designed to have different features and do different things. One of the most common advanced features of PDF merge tools is the ability to choose a page range for the files you want to extract and merge with another document. So instead of combining an entire document and then removing the pages later, you can choose the range of pages you want and merge only those pages. 

Another advanced feature is the ability to list or organize your pages using thumbnail views of every individual page. With this feature, you can upload all the PDF files you want to merge but see their pages so you can decide whether you want to include them or not. This is another feature that lets you customize the merge option to suit your needs. 

One more way that a program to edit PDF gives you more options to merge PDFs is how it lets you insert or add pages in different places. Some programs let you add a page at the end of one document, so there is a clear division of where one document ends and the other begins. You can also insert double-sided pages, and the PDF tool will reverse the page so it displays as double-sided and not as two individual pages. 

Many users also like to make use of the fact that some advanced programs let you merge files as a batch. This means you can open a merge tool and select dozens or hundreds of files from your local or cloud-based drive to merge them all at once. This saves you time so you do not have to take every individual file and upload it into the drag-and-drop interface of most programs to edit PDFs. 

Choosing the Best PDF Merge Tool 

The right PDF merge tool for you depends on what you need it for. If you only want to merge a few files once in a while, then the open-source, free edit PDF tools online are a good choice. However, you may be picky when choosing a browser-based tool, since you are uploading private documents that the developer can then harvest and sell to other buyers. 

Some tools say they delete all uploaded documents in a few hours, so check what their security protocols are before you upload any document. Or, better yet, don’t upload any sensitive information or documents that have identifying features such as your address or telephone number. If you want to use merge files often or have to because of professional reasons, you should think about investing in an advanced version of these free online programs. 

They let you download the application to your desktop or device so you can use it offline, and also let you sync your cloud-based or local hard drive to the program, which means every change you make is automatically saved. Their merge tools are also advanced. Some of their advanced features include letting you combine an unlimited number of files at a time and letting you choose which pages of a file you want to merge. 


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