This investigation will focus on West Point Moms Fight Video will inform readers about the fight which took place between students from two different schools.

Did you hear about the students who fought on the campus of West Point? Many people are confused by the online information that is shared in the West Point school. The story in United States perplexed the viewers of West Point Moms Fight. West Point Moms Fight Video and also the actual battle between students from New Hope high school and West Point high school. This article will provide you with the right information about the fight. Please go through this article.

Moms Fight Video: Trending Information

According to sources online according to online sources, there’s no current news on the mother fight video from West Point. Many are confused over fighting between the students from New Hope school and West Point school. There isn’t any information regarding the fight between mom and daughter. As soon as we have the information we will inform readers.

West Point High School Fight!

According to online sources reports, a basketball competition that was held in February 17 was where a fight broke out between students from two schools: New Hope High School and West Point School. The sources online revealed that players from the team of boys from West Point High School lost the game 53-45. The result caused anger among the boys at West Point School. The fight took place in front of the New Hope High School.

According to reports, a college student identified as Perry Marrow who is only 19 years old was carrying a gun around with the gun. The sheriff claimed they found the student taken carrying a firearm when deputies were able to reach. West Point High School boy, Perry Marrow, was carrying an AK 47 semi-automatic DRACO-style pistol. The gun was confiscated by authorities and transferred to the police for further examination.

More Details By Sheriff!

According to sources online Sheriff has stated that the gun carried by Marrow could fire 30-round magazines at the same time in rapid-fire. This is potentially dangerous and cause harm. In addition, he stated Perry Marrow was Perry Marrow is neither a student at all the institutions. According to reports, however Perry Marrow was legally allowed to carry a gun in his vehicle and even on the premises belonging to the institution. The authorities claimed that he attempted to take out the weapon in an Avondale fight at the West Point High School Avondale fight however, he noticed the security of the police and held the weapon back. However, the video footage captured the whole incident, and it is impossible to determine what his motives were.


In conclusion readers can find the information about the recently inaugurated West Point School in Avondale here.

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