I as of late arranged something from Enthusiasts, and in the affirmation receipt there was a connection saying I could get $25 cashback through a site called Know it all. Clearly a cashback administration has different advantages once you join. I made a move, and enrolled my record. It requested the request number and all out cost of my request. Presently it’s requesting my request affirmation number. Appearing as though it’s every one of the one major scam is beginning. Was simply contemplating whether any other person here has had any involvement in them. Their surveys at Trustpilot all appear to be a gnawed off as well.

We coincidentally clicked some “markdown coupon” on ebay asserting this “Smartycashback” organization can discounted some item : our Mastercard then, at that point, turned out to be naturally charged multiple times from that point forward in the span of about two months, for non-existant buys.

Have endeavored to drop and just was charged once more. This help makes it hard to drop both Know it all and Smartyplus.

Have attempted a few times by messaging support@smartyplus.net. This is the reaction I continue to get:

We are www.smartyplus.net We show no free or premium SmartyPlus account under the email address you gave.

Kindly give your name and any substitute messages or the initial 6 and last 4 of the card that was charged so we might make a discount and close this matter out. Assuming you erased the record we actually need the principal 6and last 4 to stop any further charges.


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