JUNO Ocean side, Fla. – Florida Power and Light Organization today formally sent off the FPL Power Tracker, another intuitive web-based map that shows in close to continuous the area of any blackouts across the organization’s 35-region administration domain.

Clients can enter a location, city or Postal division at http://www.FPLmaps.com to see whether there are any blackouts right now influencing a region. On the off chance that a client is right now encountering a blackout, the person can get to the FPL Power Tracker map through a battery-controlled PC with Web association, most PDAs and Web gadgets, or by asking a companion or relative to go online from another area.

The guide reflects the data gave to clients who call FPL’s client care focus and depends on information refreshed like clockwork, 24 hours per day. Tapping on a blackout symbol uncovers definite data, including:

The time that a blackout started or was accounted for
The quantity of FPL clients impacted by a specific blackout
The reason for a blackout
The most recent status report on the advancement of the rebuilding
The assessed time that power will be reestablished
In any blackout, FPL endeavors to furnish clients with a precise gauge of when power will be reestablished. This gauge depends on various variables, including the blackout’s goal, the ongoing accessibility of rebuilding groups and gear, and the intricacy of the maintenance. All through the reclamation cycle, FPL might reexamine a rebuilding gauge in the event that conditions change or new data emerges.

“At FPL, we’re glad to convey more than 99.98 percent administration dependability for our clients, however we realize that any power interference is a bother. Presently, when a blackout happens, the FPL Power Tracker can assist with saving our clients time and dissatisfaction by giving admittance to opportune and exact data – permitting them to screen the situation with a rebuilding as it advances, without settling on a solitary telephone decision,” said Tim Fitzpatrick, FPL’s VP of showcasing and corporate correspondence.

FPL’s general help dependability positions among the best in the country. Throughout recent years, the organization has decreased the normal number of blackouts its clients experience by in excess of 30%.

Blackouts happen for horde reasons. In Florida, the lightning capital of the country, weather conditions adds to blackouts consistently. Waterfront wind blasts can blow trash into above electrical cables. Weighty storms can flood underground electrical cables. Lightning can strike fundamental electrical gear.

Past the climate, creatures, for example, iguanas and squirrels can penetrate substations, unintentionally setting off blackouts. Also, one of the most continuous reasons for blackouts and flashes is vegetation – tree limbs, palm fronds and different plants – coming into contact with electrical gear.

For more data about the many difficulties to electric help dependability, watch FPL’s new “Protecting the Lattice” video on YouTube.

If a significant typhoon or storm strikes FPL’s administration domain, countless blackouts can be anticipated. Assuming this happens, the FPL Power Tracker will enter “storm mode” during the underlying periods of reclamation and won’t show subtleties for individual blackouts in impacted provinces. All things considered, the guide will furnish local updates related to the organization’s four day to day rebuilding reports. FPL likewise will convey rebuilding data by means of its versatile tempest place (mobile.FPL.com), Twitter, Facebook, FPL.com and FPLBlog.com.

“We are focused on conveying excellent worth and administration to our clients. The FPL Power Tracker addresses the following significant stage in our endeavors to give clients more data about their administration than any other time,” Fitzpatrick said. A long time back, FPL presented its well known Framework Upgrades Guide, which empowers clients to see where foundation enhancements, for example, power line reinforcing and high level infrared innovation investigations, have been made.

Florida Power and Light Organization
Florida Power and Light Organization is the biggest electric utility in Florida and one of the biggest rate-controlled utilities in the US. FPL serves 4.5 million client accounts in Florida and is a main boss in the state with roughly 10,000 representatives. The organization reliably beats public midpoints for administration unwavering quality while client bills are underneath the public normal. A perfect energy pioneer, FPL has quite possibly of the most reduced discharge profiles and one of the main energy proficiency programs among utilities from one side of the country to the other. FPL is an auxiliary of Juno Ocean side, Fla.- based NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE). For more data, visit www.FPL.com


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