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Took my cash, didn’t make the booking. presently not answering giving me a discount

Opodo has not yet answered.

Subsequent to booking a flight an understood my collaborator had unintentionally reserved such a large number of packs, coming about in an overspend of £300. The site is exceptionally befuddling. Tragically they won’t permit me to eliminate the packs and they have been fabulously pointless and impolite. I’m not 100 percent sure I am conversing with a genuine individual as all I’m hearing is the equivalent ‘we can’t help you’ again and again. I really do feel the site is befuddling and one wrong keystroke has cost many pounds. The mix-up was recognized a charge hours after the fact and I should concede I was sure, possibly by mistake, that their was a ‘chilling period’ for simply these circumstances. Unfortunately not with Opodo they cant successfully help me and that is their last response. It feels a piece obscure to me!


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