I have seen over the course of the last year or so individuals requesting genuine audits on the Raycon headphones, so I figured I ought to offer my opinion on why you shouldn’t actually squander your cash.

I got the Raycon Remote E25 miniature headphones as a birthday present before the end of last month. I utilized these headphones for under about fourteen days and they are as of now having issues. The one significant issue is the sound from the mini headphones stops off for measures of time while I’m strolling, when cutting off for almost 2 minutes before I could hear anything once more. The volume is horrible, I need to turn the volume as far as possible up and play with Spotify’s adjuster just to hear my music plainly enough. The “bass” the buds should have is calmer than the vocals of some random tune I play. These headphones clearly aren’t “surrounding sound blocking”, I can hear the damn underground trains while wearing them. The buds likewise associate appropriately with no different gadgets I own other than my iPhone 6s, not my Macintosh, not my Ipad, not my Arouse Fire, literally nothing else. These headphones suck with regards to calls, with various individuals letting me know they can’t hear me obviously when I talk or not in any way shape or form. What’s more, this might be an individual issue, however they don’t fit “cozy” in my ears at all. I can’t remember the times I need to push these miniature headphones back in my ear when they somewhat get out. The buds will likewise drop out during any overstated development. I was basically running on the treadmill when the two buds dropped out at the same time. Over 14k 5 star audits for these? What a friggin joke.

I truly need to return these headphones. I’ve been staying silent about it for the beyond couple of days on the grounds that as I said before these were a birthday present, yet I believe it’s opportunity I tell the truth. As they are presently, they are nowhere near usable. Kindly help yourself out, regardless of what any other person says Don’t BUY THESE Remote Headphones.


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