HOUSTON – Got a cost infringement via the post office, despite the fact that you have an EZ tag?

This is the thing you might be fouling up – – however don’t stress the uplifting news is, you can fix the greater part of situations on the web.

For EZ Label clients:

There are a couple of reasons clients might get infringement, which can be promptly handily settled.

The following are the most widely recognized reasons an EZ Label client might get a receipt via the post office for neglected costs, and how to stay away from them:

· Did you get another Mastercard? Clients frequently neglect to refresh their EZ Label account with the new data when their Mastercard organization sends them another card (in view of termination, extortion, and so on.)

· Did you get another vehicle or tag? A typical explanation clients get bills for neglected tolls is on the grounds that the client’s new tag number was not added to their EZ Label account.

For cash clients/drivers without an EZ Label account:

As of Walk 11, 2020, the Harris Region Expressway Authority (HCTRA) executed “sans hands” cost assortment to decrease expected openness of the two drivers and workers to Coronavirus – 19. Drivers without an electronic cost installment technique were encouraged to “Drive through, pay on the web.”

· On the off chance that a driver without an EZ TAG didn’t make an installment online at hctra.org/MissedAToll they might have gotten a receipt for the costs just (with no extra charges.)

· In the event that a driver got a receipt for the costs, they might make an installment on our site at hctra.org/Infringement.

One more significant admonition for cash clients is that they can now get an EZ Label represent only $20 in prepaid costs (for up to two vehicles) and no expense for the EZ Labels (sticker labels) for up to eight (8) per account, and $2.00 for each tag from there on. EZ TAG is consistently the most effective method for paying costs.

HCTRA urges EZ Label clients to deal with their prefunded account every minute of every day on hctra.org or download the versatile application.


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