Do you are familiar the Globo entertainer? Do you have any idea who was captured as of late in the Brazil entertainment world? Both of these have a similar response. The entertainer Jose Dumont has been captured as of late. He has been blamed for putting away unlawful substance connecting with kids, a wrongdoing. He is known for his part in the film Globo. He has been in the business for a surprisingly long time.

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What precisely occurred?
The entertainer in Paraiba, Jose Dumont, was captured on 15 September 2022. He has been into giving and making illegal substance and was at long last gotten for his wrongdoings. It was accounted for that he was involved with a 12-year-old and had shot him doing unlawful way of behaving and was anticipating giving it to different sources. The entertainer has been dealt with for every one of his bad behaviors. The City police made his capture in Rio de Janeiro, and he has been charged a considerable amount.

Ator Jose Dumont has been a culprit for something which demonstrates the sort of satisfied that has been going on these days. It is essential to comprehend that his sort of conduct ought not go on without serious consequences, and extreme moves ought to be made to guarantee that nobody attempts to make or spread this sort of happy. The entertainer has not been placed being investigated at this point, yet the police are attempting to ensure that such news emerges individuals realize that this sort of issue actually exists in the public eye and must be changed assuming severe and rigid regulations are set up.

What is Carlos Drummond Ator being charged for?
Jose has been doing this sort of represent a surprisingly long time and is at last gotten. The police, subsequent to looking through his home, found that he had kept the recordings and other offense content in his home and saw it every once in a while. The entertainer has likewise been captured on doubt of mistreating a kid and exploiting him. The kid at long last voiced out how corruptly he was dealt with and what caused this sort of wrongdoing. The police are as yet looking for additional pieces of information to prove the cases that have approached about the entertainer. Jose Drummond Ator com is currently under police examination.

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Last Words
In summation of the post, the 72-year-old entertainer has been captured for making and drawing out unlawful substance. He has been captured by Rio de Janeiro and is under their watch.


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